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diner dash
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ресторан игра кафе на русском
рестораны и кафе игры



Szczepan Kania | Kierownik Projektu

Mateusz Zawadzki | Przewodniczący Rady Nadzorczej

Kuba Trzebiński | Chief Operating Officer | Chief Marketing Officer | Vice President of the Board

Krzysztof Kostowski | Chief Executive Officer

Reviews 29,780

  1. Everything is white...
    Rabab Zehra
    As soon as I came up to the last level everything just became white I love this game so much please can you fix this for Me? I will give you five stars....thankyou
  2. Carrie Nicholson
    Everything is too small and bunched up in this game. And its too hard to get people sat down at tables. Every other command seems smooth, until u seat people. Then it throws u off and pulls u out of the game when u steady try to seat people over & over. Very aggravating.
  3. Pls fix
    Chandler Volker
    I got to like the last level of the second diner and all of the little bubbles just turned to white squares and I can't see what the people want or how satisfied they are or the spices. Super weird. I'm bummed.
  4. It does not give me my money
    Connie Marie
    The game is very hard to play and it will not give me my money. I am uninstalling it now
  5. Love it
    Monique Hillebrecht
    Would give it five if I don't have to pay to unlock the other restaurants! Otherwise it's really a great game!!
  6. so awesome
    Dolores Hernandez Hernandez
    I dont get how you people dont like it
  7. More than awesome sauce!
    Marissa Winkel
    I absolutely love this game! It is all very creative and magnificent!☺☺☺
  8. Cassandra Adams
    I liked it but very disappointed that there are only four levels. It isn't right to charge that much money or any money for that matter for such a short game. I feel ripped off.
  9. bre taylor
    Doesn't give you money earned... Game select is too small
  10. Natasha M
    I wish that there were more levels beyond the 4 little restaurants. I finished all of the levels in a day. After that it was boring, so I am uninstalling.
  11. Blocked white squares...
    Mona F.
    The people are blocked white squares at times so I can't tell if they are bikers. Don't know why its doing this but its an ok game.
  12. No big enough
    Taishona Britto
    The images are very small. And my eyes start to hurt after a few minutes. Cute game though. Just too tiny for me.
  13. REPORT!!
    shakirah gayles
    The game is fine but you are giving false advertisement and for that I will find away to report you, my uncle is a very important person in this world so there for be ready to answer to your wrong doing from you stealing people money
  14. Confused
    Jade Clark
    You tricked me into buying the full version and when I buy it i figure out there's only 4 restaurants!? I love this game but why on earth would you only do 4 levels. And for that I gave u a low score.
  15. Ahhhh
    Sanchali Verma
    Everything is toooooooo small i hate this game it does not even worth 1 star
  16. Boring
    Fiyin Eyenike
    I hated this game you people should not install it, it's lame
  17. shirley cox
    Very dissapointed that after paying the sub that there was only 4 restaurant to visit
  18. I loved it but started glitching
    Keara Caverly
    I loved it until I reached over a $100 which it can't write because it's only programmed for 2 digits. Then instead of putting down text it just had boxes that covered it. Then I tried to play it again but couldn't figure out how to because all the buttons were just blocks
  19. Restarted my phone.
    Christina Winn
    This is annoying until you figure out how it works. Put hot stuff on all gangsters and click fast. The worst thing is that there are only 4 levels.
  20. Day Brock
    Will not give you what you earned


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