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Igor Zielinski | vice president, artist, designer at Jujubee S.A.

Katowice, woj. śląskie, Polska |

Michal Stepien | Chief Executive Officer at Jujubee S.A.

Katowice, woj. śląskie, Polska |

Arkadiusz Duch | Co-founder, Project Lead, Artist w firmie Jujubee

Katowice, woj. śląskie, Polska |

Damian Bijas | Gameplay programmer w Jujubee S.A.

Bielsko-Biała, woj. śląskie, Polska |

Reviews 499

  1. Nah...
    Buntar Buntarov
    The ads load even before the game... Too many of them and you can't exit. I was expecting better...
  2. Endless runner in a car
    Dave McBrien
    Good but could be much better, like other reviewer has pointed out there is no way to exit app and heyzap gets quite irritating, an option to disable would be good, worth a download in my opinion, if the developer can add a way to exit app and turn off heyzap, then I think it would be worth a 4 or maybe 5 rating
  3. Too many adds
    Eddie Miner
    Not worth playing.Gotta press back all the time.I told HeyZap no but they still pop up!
  4. Crap
    Wayne Cawley
    Ads b4 the game starts!! Fcuk all that crap!!
  5. Best of the bunch
    Trevor Taylor
    I wasn't expecting very much from this to be honest but I thought what the hey, give it a go. And do you know what? I got a pleasant surprise It's really quite good!! It's probably the best of this type of game I've played. If you like lane Splitter you'll enjoy this. It's well thought out and presented. The Challenges are enough to give you an incentive to play again and again. I'm going to do something I don't do very often I'm going to buy the full version so what does that tell you? well done.
  6. Sorry
    William J Greklek III
    The music isn't very good. It's all in app purchases. Ads on the menu screen and in game. Heyzap won't ever just let you play it spams the notification tray constantly. No exit button and back arrow does nothing. Overall a bad gaming experience. Uninstalled and not recommended.
  7. Luvin it!!
    Grace Burke
    Gr8 + fun equals just wht i wanted!!! Great graphics and u get to upgrade its really fun!!!please do it
  8. Uselessssssdd
    Do not download. It is verrrrry bad
  9. Samsung galaxy s4 4G
    Mohammad Waqas
    It has lots of ads boring gane!!!!
  10. ?
    Rod Jones
    Why charge for a game when you can't get a 5 star rating on the free game
  11. Excellent
    Remigiusz Arciszewski
    Good game I enjoyed playing that race