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  1. Fun but...
    Reese Carlson
    Its fun but you lose interest fast and rage quite a bit because 1. the ducks rarly touch me but i die even if they dont touch my rocket. 2. You always get 1 shot no matter what. 3. The gas power ups dont work they may work but that gas only lasts .1 seconds.
  2. Like it
    Kristi Kelly
    It is very good but not perfect but it is still very good
  3. Really fun
    Eric N
    I like it but more rocket ships please
  4. Nick Franklin
    Its stupid to get hung on clouds and even with upgraded defense you blow up easy. REMOVE THE DUCKS OR GEESE OUT THE AIR!!!!!!!
  5. Meh
    Will Shafer
    Theres a way better version on PC
  6. Good game
    Colton Lutz
    4 star lil easyer way to stear be good tho rather than touching and holding screen to turn maby a stearing wheel or tilting the phone.
  7. LOVE IT
    William Morningstar
    But could you have a update so you could see the cost of the upgrades
  8. Cool but my message is a time waste
    Cody Breatchel
    Love the first beginning when u have like 2 to 3 seconds before u fail and love it that when u retry u still get the money before. P.S get the wings and acceleration. So u won't fail and next time u see a duck duck or hit it and take the chance of failing but laugh at the stupid duck for not seeing u and not flying in a flock. Srry for probably wasting UR time reading this message. But remember to give a thumbs up or thumbs down on this. If u gave me a thumbs up tell me what u like about it.
  9. Reload and now it's glitchy
    Mark Hayes
    First time was great had to replace my phone and now it's really jerky
  10. micky smith
    Its the best better than gta v with new hiests better than my mums snatch better than putting your dad on the street to earn me money for crack and defo better than sliding into a 16yo virgin called erika from ls13 ahhh the days
  11. Tharrin Yokes
    Great game but how the hell does a duck blow up a space ship
  12. Rocket obstacle game
    Darren Page
    Not sure if it's better than rocket craze where you can actually land. This game has little to no room for your fingers to steer without getting side swiped by something under your fingers. Rocket craze uses tilt accelerometers that work much better. Very frustrating that not all upgrades carry over to bigger rockets and it takes awhile to get anything that will help you travel further. Right out of the gate your rocket sucks balls and I almost deleted app.
  13. Isaac Lopez
    I liked it but there was some stuff wrong with it
  14. Great
    Sam Storr
    It is the best game ever yolo
  15. BIG glitch
    Daniel Duttman
    Screen goes black if you hit the electric boost from the far left or right edge. Lose all money earned that flight bc you have to quit. Stopped playing because of this frustrating glitch!
  16. Wth??
    Jemma Hickson
    Thought this game was great until I die constantly by ducks! Really ducks??!! How the hell would a rocket explode after hitting a duck?!
  17. Super addictive
    Chris Eagan
    Love it guys! It's pretty stinkin hard but I can't put it down! Wish you would allow poor people to get the super awesome rockets without paying real money though. :( At any rate, I still give it a five and will be telling my friends about it! Keep up the good work.
  18. Rocket launch
    Steven Murray
    Very good I can not poot it down
  19. Pay to build your rocket.
    brenton strine
    The whole point of this game is to get you to make in app purchases to upgrade your rocket. Lame.
  20. Nexus7 glitch
    Szymon Szulist
    I buy the 5.99 rocket and when I try use it it comes up I need to buy it when I click buy it says error you own this item. Please fix this glitch


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