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  1. Fred Beckman
    Easy to use. My only issue is if the various effects were more available without going through so many of menues. Perhaps if I could customize by placing the effects I used most on the main screen. Other than that this is a great app.
  2. Great alternate camera app but...
    Peter Swiderek
    Since the last update I've had the same issue every time I try taking a picture. It crashes back to the home screen and the android notice that the app has stopped working. Please look into it for a 5 * :)
  3. Don Sutton
    Have been using this through several generations. Just recently with update 5.7 it stopped working but after further investigation other apps that use the camera stopped working. Rebooted phone and yay everything works!!
  4. Loads of fun, plenty of add-ons/plug-ins.
    Gregory Opera
    Cameras in mobile devices are of course, no substitute for a real camera - such as a Sony mirrorless digital still camera - but they are accessible, a lot of fun and with applications like this, they can be even more fun! Camera Zoom FX: Premium works flawlessly, looks great, it's easy-to-use and there's plenty of add-ons/plug-ins... Whether you have something like the Sony Xperia Z3+ with a high-end camera, or something a little less impressive, this is highly recommended.
  5. Good ideas but buggy on LG G3
    Stewart Magrath
    I was after the first and filters this gives when taking pictures. Fx is limited and filters very buggy. Reported to developers. Let's see. The Fx there are, are very good.
  6. My "Go To" Android camera app
    Pat Phelan
    Camera Zoom has been my choice across three generations and a dozen models of Android phones. It is consistently the easiest to produce great pictures and usually the most "feature rich" of the Android apps that I've seen and used.
  7. dushyant chanan
    Time to change my reviews. Back to 5 stars, finally letting me save on to the sd card using Note 4 lollipop . Thank you .
  8. Voice activation not working on Acer Liquid X1
    Garry Germones
    I will give it 5 stars if the voice activation works on my liquid x1
  9. nice setting, missing combination of settings
    Bruno Freitag
    ok so far, a camera is a camera. missing comi of timed and burst (timer, take 5 fotos)
    James Dourish
    As a sceptic of what difference a camera app would actually make to the quality of pictures my 5mp camera would take, i downloaded the 2nd app on the review as it was free and it was noticeably better than the inbuilt android camera app. So i decided for the small cost of zoom FX, i would try and it's certainly the best
  11. Dissatisfied
    Keith Rea
    Androidslide, no it doesn't show the pictures in the folder I have selected to save to. It shows videos that are NOT in that folder. Also I can't save to the external SDcard as stated above in your update.
  12. From 5 down to 3 stars
    Nomad S
    Maybe it's an issue with the GS4 only but THE GEOTAG PLUGIN IS NOT (AND HAS NOT) BEEN STORING LOCATIONS!! I updated this app on vacation because I wanted the best it had to offer. Big mistake! Uninstalling and reinstalling not fixing it... it's deeper than that. PLEASE FIX! I PAID FOR THIS.
  13. this app is awesome
    Brodie Gardner
    on my zte (z850) grand x 2 the still shows up as upside down in the preview but the 180° option makes the pictures come out look right. please add panoramic shooting mode
  14. Best Camera App I've Tried
    steven paine
    Great for what I want i.e. basic photography with extra tricks if required. Better than standard camera app in any android phone I've had.
  15. Used to be great
    Hugh Weller-Lewis
    Now crashes on galaxy s5 every time I try and use it. I paid for this - kindly fix it!
  16. Front camera
    Front camera is taking pictures upside-down. Even when I change the setting to 180 degree it still taking pictures upside-down.
  17. exceptional
    bogale jonathan lefenya
    effortlessly superior than all the apps I have experience of. five star quality, even with the lag
  18. Jerry Wiser
    For some reason this app has become clunky on my phone. It used to load quickly for a quick response, but now sluggish even after resetting phone. When I did use this app frequently I hadn't much idea how or why to use about half the other features. The tutorial video is a commercial and not a tutorial. I have seen no written documentation. A lot of work was put into this app's development and I just cannot understand why someone wouldn't want his/her hard work appreciated with use. The documentation issue is making it hard not to drop another star.
  19. Video camera doesn't work
    When I touch the camera icon inside the app to record video, the app gives a menu to select a different app for recording video?
  20. Brilliant
    Susan Martin
    Love it. Never any problems. Just keeps getting better and better


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- 64 bit support added
- Bonus card packs unlocked!