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  1. Fun
    Mike Barnhill
    I would give give stars if u didn't have to by the cool features of the app but other than that, pretty cool.
  2. Ehhhh
    Kevin Cole
    Tried this along with Aviary, and Aviary is much better.. Just comparing the splash, doing the editing itself was easier on Aviary (albeit they could use an undo button..). On here, the app's buttons seems to react slowly. Also, the big thing, when you save your photo, the resolution goes down WAAY too much. You can see lines going across the photo as well due to the lower resolution. Aviary keeps the resolution completely. Finally, the ads, with any app, can get pretty annoying.
  3. Extortionate
    Eric Fagan
    This app would be great...IF, it didn't require you to install a slew of other pointless apps such as Walgreen's finder and some other waste of space apps just to get the fully functional version which I'm sure is quite nice when editing pics.
  4. Best Photo Editor
    Luis Romero
    I have tried at least 5 different photo editors. I enjoy taking photos pretty much everywhere I go, of all types of things. This app provides some great features, one I used very recently was blurring out the license plate of a really nice car I saw. Other apps blurred the entire photo while this one let's me choose a specific area.
  5. Amazing!
    Max G. Mahaffee, Esq.
    Just slide my finger on the screen and the July 4th interior photo cranks up the color of the red, white and blue plastic table cloth. Bright, shiny and colorful!
  6. I like the eraser.
    Hannah Romain
    Simple app, but I like it. Unlike other color splash apps, I like that this one has an eraser. I don't like that if you color something with an opaque marker, you can see where your markings overlap.
  7. michelle marble
    Not bad at al. Can't figure out how combine add on to the actual camera. Cuz I haven't got a clue.
  8. No thanks
    Lara Sky
    You have to pay for every feature or download a bunch of apps to get them free. It has the potential to be a wonderful app besides the bull that's being served.
  9. Nexus 5
    Ashley Baker
    All pictures imported just appear grey, the app doesn't work. It did before but at some point its been broken by an update. I also paid for unlock before which seem pointless with the new coin system
  10. ColorSplash
    Darcy Drobnich
    Great app to enhance photagraphs, easy to use from beginners to advanced users, love it!!
  11. Loved it, before I upgraded..
    Jim Forster
    Bought a Nexus 6 and now the software doesn't work - you can't even open a local image. Too bad, it was a great app. :/
  12. Pretty Cool...
    Andrew Fowler
    Easy & fun... Turn simple pics into creative pieces.
  13. Shanda Goff
    This is a great app. Let your creativity run wild. I have created wonderful and unique photos with this app.
  14. Horrible
    Kali Mike
    It says free and then you have to have coins to get the item. I wish I could rate 0 stars
  15. Jennie Hulsinger
    I love it its cool to put different colors together it makes the picture more creative
  16. Miriam Elbertai
    Great app! It passes the time just amazing. I rate every game or app I get so I an used to bad apps. This is not a bad app. The reason I gave it 4 stars not 5 is because there is always a loading problem. Well not always but I recommend you should try it. You might like it!
  17. Don't bother with this one.
    Dalton Allistor
    Thinking about trying this app out? Don't, I just did it for you. The controls are not responsive after many taps and in order to use 75% of the features you either have to collect coins by downloading other apps or pay $ outright. Not worth it.
  18. I super love
    Hillary Delapenya
    Cool i'v been using this app 8 months now co co cool
  19. I like it
    Seen it advertise on android authority! Great app all you need to know abaut android! It's, ,
  20. Awesome!!!
    Alexis Collientesz
    The application was great... you can actually work on it with your pictures. It has a feature thats very simple yet complete. I gave it 5 stars.


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