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  1. This stinks
    Joe Barry
    The app sucks, i installed it and got the add on. Ever couple of minutes it resets itself. And I would have to go back and redo my wallpaper setting. Get Photowall live wallpaper.
  2. Hmp
    Cons Mercado
    Its cool & all but if you accidentally uninstalled it, its difficult to reinstall & if you switch albums it wont take effect unless u choose a different wallpaper then choose photo fx again to view the desired album as wallpaper... and if you select single slideshow type the images will appear like zoom in 100% like you cant see the whole photo anymore
  3. Good but could still be better
    Ian Barnaby
    This app does slow down the phone a little bit. And some of the slide shows crop the pictures so the tops of heads in photo grid mode are missing. Shrink the pictures to fit and fix the slow down issue and it would be awesome.
  4. Distorts pictures
    Garry Pederson
    Using on my note 10.1 it distorts pictures with heavy pixelation. Some look fine and others don't. Originals display fine regularily. Fix picture quality issues and this would be a great app.
  5. Waste of money
    Michael Leavitt
    Turns perfectly good images into pixelated crap. Settings are flaky (size and interval settings do not work at all).
  6. Worth paying for
    Kymberlyn Reed
    There are still a few bugs like changing the size of the pictures that don't happen automatically, but overall this is a really fun and creative app.
  7. The worse app I have ever purchased....
    It has never worked properly since i purchased it. I have purchased loads of apps in the past but this one is by far the worst ever. It crashes all the time. Also it keeps saying that purchased failed even though its charged me. I asked for a refund but I was ignored.
  8. Great app, one flaw...
    andy flagge
    Pictures do not update when I add photos to choosen folder. I can reboot and it seems to do a one time update. Minor annoyance to an otherwise great application.
  9. Excellent
    Lofland Family
    Just what I was looking for! I like that I can choose the transitions and the frames and the layout and it can use as many photos as I want from any f9lder I want.
  10. Invasive
    Nicolle Bennett
    I want a refund. Loved the concept, look & feel. However, each time I open an app, their screen pops up and asks me to share my photos with another app. I must then hit the back arrow to load the app I'm trying to open - not see their logo! This even happens when just trying to open Settings. I LOATHE spam - and I consider this spam for them. Uninstalled.
  11. 5 STAR RATING. . Mils
    Mildred Metellus
    I tried several live wallpaper apps to display my pictures and Photo Fx Live is way more superior. They made it enjoyable and gives you good settings for you to control the how your pictures are displayed. Its a real nice app..
  12. The best live wallpaper app!
    D Wood
    I've tried a few of these gallery live wallpaper apps and this one is by far the best I've used yet. It's very versatile with plenty of features and effects. Would recommend to anyone.
  13. Galaxy S4
    Margaret Heckman
    Really enjoy this app. Unfortunately the downfall is it'll keep freezing, causes my phone to freeze, need to do a battery pull, my pictures are blank, or the app closes and my phone does random odd things. Please fix!
  14. Can't change size on single photo mode
    Ethan Lin
    It can't change size on single photo slide-show mode. Otherwise, it is a good app!
  15. Great idea, missing a few options for perfection
    Bill Surowiecki
    This could be the next Multipicture Live Wallpaper, with a few tweaks to make it more themer friendly. I made a few suggestions to the dev, lets hope he takes them into consideration.
  16. Nice Apps
    Popay Fisherman
    I have update my HTC Desire 500 and application cannot show photos from my sdcard.. It is working, but showing a white frame instead of photo. Can I hope to any fix ?
  17. Atrix 2
    Teddy Swilling
    Love it when it actually works. Sometimes have to reboot my phone to get it working again
  18. Very nice
    Adriano Winterton
    Would like to have the option of having the pictures move while being displayed.
  19. Wendel Cline
    I paid for this app not a fu€£!%× ad app y every time I open I have to get ads for other apps fuk. Really how sorry is that
  20. Many features don't work.
    Tim B. Green
    Stick with the free app. Photo resize ( does NOTHING ) & photo selection ( makes most of my photos unselectable ) just two of the "features" that don't work as advertised.


What`s new

- Reduced battery consumption
- New slideshow modes!
★ Photo grid
★ Photo collage
★ Single photo
★ Photo x 3


Free Features Added:
★ Select individual photos from a folder
★ Faster folder browsing speed

Pro Features Added:

★ Create your own backgrounds!!
★ Unlock 100's of photo FX!
★ Make collages by dropping photos where you click
★ Or double click to share in Instagram
★ 1-click access to settings
★ Select photo size