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  1. Best App yet for Android Wear!
    Easy to use with a lot of options. Community is very active. Author is also active in the community. Agree with other poster, it is a steal for the price!
  2. Having a blast with this.
    Steven Guzman
    The developers are so talented. Even the ones who say they themselves are not that good. They are too modest. Well worth the 3 bucks.
  3. Nice faces but hits performance
    Michael Burrows
    There are some nice faces available with some excellent features but it really hits the watch's perfomance, like saying OK Google often does not work. It really slows down the gyro effect as in turning your wrist to light up the screen simply doesn't happen sometimes even after clicking your wrist several times. I've played with the gyro setting but still have the problem on my GWR. Contacted dev but they don't bother to reply. Gone back to the standard faces and it works really well after 1.3 update
  4. As other have said
    Pontus Ekengren
    Very nice app, I love the customization! But sometimes the wrist flick thing can be a bit slow and I have to flick it two or three times, other watchfaces don't have this problem. If this is fixed it will get 5/5
  5. Great concept, poor reliability
    Chris Rowe
    Love all the available watches and app well designed but is simply too unreliable. Roughly 7-8 out of 10 times it won't push the watch face to the actual watch despite me trying all their suggestions to fix it. Even reinstalling the app doesn't help. Ultimately unusable in this state. Please fix asap.
  6. Easy, creative, and flexible
    Layne Rushforth
    This is a great watch face maker for Android wear. It is fun and easy to use. Some functions are confusing, and setting the watch face hangs up the watch some of the time, but it keeps getting better with each update.
  7. Wonderful concept, but ultimately useless.
    Leko Fraggle
    I love the flexibility and the ability to customize. However, I need to accurately track my steps. This app has the least accurate step count of any I have used on my watch (sw3).
  8. Fantastic
    Patrick Farragher
    So much customization. It's just a fantastic app. Could not recommend it enough. On top of that, the Dev is so quick and responsive to bug reports and general questions.
  9. Great app!
    Matthew Pardue
    I love this app! So versatile and full-featured. Would easily be a five-star app but I had to cut one because it has one flaw. It doesn't display current time on wake-up. It takes it a second or two for the time on the watch screen to catch up, no matter what watch face I use. Sometimes the time updates multiple times before settling on the current time and its very annoying. That is truly the only negative thing I have to say about watchmaker and I'll gladly change to 5 stars if that is fixed. Moto 360
  10. Jeroen van Wamelen
    Very slow after a while on the watch. It sometimes refuses to reimport the images when I update them on my device when creating a watch face. I am then forced to rename the png to something else so it will import again. Rebooting my Nexus 6 fixes this. Force closing the app doesn't. Very Frustrating. Also, really disappointed that Premium Users should pay to set it as live wallpaper.
  11. If You Are a Watch Lover...
    Jeff Clay
    Then this is the app for you! Hundreds of stylish and fun watches to choose from. My watch collection on my dresser just got a lot smaller, while the number of watches I can wear has increased by 20 fold! I haven't had any problems with it working and it is very user friendly. Keep up the good work Watch Maker!!!
  12. Best Android Wear Watch Face App!
    - -
    Awesome level of watch face customization in this app. If you ever don't feel like doing the work to make a watch face or you want some inspiration, there is a great Google+ community I would recommend all WMP users join. People are always making great watch faces and posting them for others to download.
  13. Great watch designer
    redknight four
    I had a problem with syncing watch faces to my moto 360 till I set the watch face to the watch maker premium face then I was able to sync through my galaxy s5 to the watch. I like that I can add a battery meter to show where the watch is at before I have to charge it. Analog hands seem to have a time sync issue. So having a digital time is good to have.
  14. Would be 5 stars....
    Ian Woodland
    Opens up a huge catalogue of free watch faces, you'll need to do some searching though. Only complaint is that hands jump when moto 360 wakes.
  15. Fantastic
    Absolutely Fantastic!! New updates keeping getting better and better! A "MUST HAVE" app for anyone with a smartwatch.
  16. Brilliant, and very easy to use - but APK guide needs work...
    Gregory Opera
    Creating watch-faces on a smartphone is a tedious task, but WatchMaker looks fantastic and makes the task a little easier... Easier to use than competing applications, the possibilities are virtually unlimited with minimal effort! My only real complaint is that the Android Package (".apk") guide on the WatchMaker wiki is vague and confusing; it also appears to have been written with an older version of Android Studio in mind. Perhaps a YouTube video guide or step-by-step instructions with screen-shots?
  17. Innovative and Easy to use
    Tim Rawding
    This app is very quick to pick up and understand. It's addictive, innovative and if you have a half decent graphics package on your PC, then the world is your oyster. Not that this app needs it.
  18. So much freedom
    Tim Stahel
    I have yet to find a function I couldn't add to my watchface with this app. The premade values and lua scripts make asking functions so easy!
  19. Takes moto 360 to the next level!
    Sabir Salam
    Amazing app. You can now wear any watch you want!
  20. Makin' some copies...
    Abram Pierce
    Awesome but wish there was an interface for my computer (Mac) so that I could sit at my desk and bang on my keyboard.


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