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Reviews 366,490

  1. Good gameplay but...
    Matthew Williams
    The game is a good game it has everything a good game needs but it is too much of a pay to win and there are opportunity's for free platinum however it's all bs and it doesn't give anyone platinum I've downloaded it on my Android and my iPod and I can't get free platinum on either of them. It's all just a big scam
  2. Love
    Joey Phillips
    I absolutely love this game ive never had any complaints or issues up until now....i download game of war and upgraded the stronghold to level 5 like your platinum special offer said to do(for 77 plats) and i have not recieved any of it...where is my plats? Or did you guys just scam? Until this is resolved i will keep it at 4 stars and will drop a star each review until i get my plats
  3. Accidentally deleted my character
    Shahrukh Shaikh
    Hello sts am your bigg fan i play arcane legends 16-17 hours a day . So the point is my little brother who is 8 years old accidentally deleted my lv 43 mage which was having my 2-3 months progress on it so i want you to recover that acc pls help ursoth is coming pls tell me where should i report ill give 1000 stars when my problem isnsolved ty
  4. My only complaint..
    Magan G
    Is that i hardly ever seem to get my free platinum. Other than that its awesome.
  5. It would be 5 star buuut...
    Eli Bob
    I did one of your offers for 72 platinum and I didn't receive it if I could get that I will rate it 5 star
  6. Ummm
    Bryce Phelps
    It's really sad that i cant even get on without it screwing up. Can't even play 5 mins.
  7. Best MMORPG for phones/tablets period.
    Dustin Messier
    Great game. I've tried them all and this is the best mmo for you're phone or tablet. Only thing that now suck's is you can buy lvl 41, when you should earn it. There will be allot of noobs at 41 it seems.
  8. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
    Lui Walters
    Great game but I am not able to log into my account "julujulu" level 34 using my email address. How can I retrieve it?? I really dont want to start over again.????????????????
  9. Great Game!! BUT
    Robert Pope
    I think you should create new characters/classes and make female and male characters for each. You should get rid of the instant lvl 40 and fix the free platinum issue or get rid of it.
  10. Instant level up is useless.
    Tan Han Chuen
    Love this game! But the free platinum offers don't work at all! Please fix it and make it real....come on....and about the instant upgrade to level 41, this isnt fair to those who had a hard time playing to level 41. Because they are the real people who put in thier efforts,time,battery and MAYBE some money for gold. But now you can just instantly upgrade to level 41. Come on. If all you think is about earning money. Might as well dont make this game. But this game's format,content and story is good.5-3☆.
  11. Add male rogue etc
    Mohmmad Bilal Akhtar
    Warrior is male only. Rogue is female and sorcerer is male only please add opposite genders to these characters do that selection can be done easily
  12. Bored and Retired
    Satria Seymour
    I have been playing this game for almost 2 years, and i'm start to be bored. I had retired now, so I hope spacetime makes a new game..
  13. Read this
    daniel kingmaker
    I work grave security. Lots of time on the phone. This rpg is cool for its resources. Fairly repetitive due to the fact you get to choose from all your talents at level one. Also CONSTANTLY down for maintenance. Which is promising yet very inconvenient %65 of the time. Other than that. Stop wasting time and download. They will fix the little bugs soon.
  14. Free platinum did not work
    Haris Prawira
    Game just doing fine, in fact it is a great game. However, the free platinum offer you put in-game after instaling some sort of applications is not work and giving a false hope to the people, if there is no free platinum then you just simply remove the stupid free offer from the game
  15. Best RPGMMO game around!!! XD
    Jadá Rodriguez
    It's not lagging as much as before, THANK YOU! XD Love the new update with the new area, the change of inventory and new gems!!! XD But I just ask, it says Lvl 41-46, WHAT?!? Yay new lvls even though I'm still a low lvl {29}. All I really have to say, even though you guys are probably tired of all the complaints about this, but what about the Instantly Upgrade To Level 41 thing? I don't like it because it kinda wastes hours of playtime and defeats the purpose, and I know you, as Spacetime, like it cause you get more money, but hopefully you guys were thinking of making it a limited time thing. Lol NO MORE TALKEN FOR MEH TANK YA User- Jadarod XD
  16. loved it
    Tang Deyuan
    i love this game but i wanna say something if those free platnium is all a lie u can just take it down i only get 40platinum the rest all cant get good job liars
  17. Best game ever but 1 problem! HELP!?
    Judy Allan
    I want to play it on my laptop but the character movement keys don't work!! It really is the best monster bashing game ever but please make it easier to play on pc/laptop keyboard..
  18. I am angry at you!
    Jayden M
    I loved the game, but when I got a game so I can get the platinum, I didn't get any!! That's messed up!! Tell me why I did not receive it or are you just a fake?!
  19. I bought something and never got it
    Crystal Davis
    I bought a pack in the mines was supposed to get a lion 10 platinum and something else and it took my money and said there was an error and never gave me anything... either i get what i paid for or Id like my money back love the game though
  20. Navy seals
    Elius Hernandez
    I actually love the game but i been through many troubles with pings laggs hope you guys working on fixing this :)


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