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  1. :(
    Zack Kazemba
    Since your guys last update on Feb 2nd, my game hasn't been able to load... It gets to the "Authenticating" screen and I can hear the game music but nothing is happening... It just sits at the Authenticating screen for hours and doesn't go any further.
  2. Didn't receive the so called free platinum
    clint basoc
    Probably the best mmorpg I got on my tablet, but please I did all the likes and download all the offers but got nothing.. Don't make players hope for free platinum if you don't really intend to give those. Don't use players to earn likes and loads of DL from your apps coz they crave for platinum. Because that is a form of decieving. Do what your game says, you earn our likes and plenty of downloads yet we don't earn your promised platinum. Name: kritikast I'm waiting..
  3. Good game, bad support
    Nate Ribbens
    Good platform, smooth gameplay, but only to level 20. After that there is no player population, and all levels you can get exp on are impossible to solo. This results in 80% of the game content being totally wasted effort by the dev. Make lower levels reward exp on an exponentially degrading scale, instead of giving zero exp so that high level players stop quitting.
  4. Update?
    Johnny D.
    I can not open the game after update was done. Please fix. I uninstalled twice n still does not let me play. Gets stuck at the authenticating screen.
  5. was...the best
    Lina Ouk
    lags so bad now. free plats are a joke/scam. bring attention back to PL. none of those new titles can hold a light to PLs original days. not even close. revive this game. don't abandon it.
  6. So Laggy
    Paolo Alba
    Its so laggy it starts when I was completing an offer then I I uninstalled the game offer but it keeps lagging like crazy pls fix the lag issue :)
  7. :(
    Willow Browne
    After your last update I have been unable to get on it starts to login then shuts down :( I have uninstalled several times and still will not load :( using a Sony Xperia e
  8. Langga ku
    Jycinth Marie Roxas
    Why i cnt log in my fb account right now? I played yesterday for almost a day but why i cant log in right now .. everytime i pres log in and play nothing happened ..oh pls fix this i dnt want to be at the start to lvl 1 . I am almost lvl50 ..
  9. best freaking game ever but...
    Game Master
    This is the best game ever played. I'd give it 100 but they should add tons of more levels, characters, weapons, and more easier ways for free platinum. I've been experiencing problems with that, but other than that, I recommend this game for everyone. So go ahead and download it!!!
  10. Won't send new password
    Chandler Leita
    .....I forgot my password and I have no email from yall. I looked every where...clicked it 500 times...still nothing. I can't even email yall because you want me to log on support...are yall dumb?????
  11. Emma Leigh
    I like the game but players are rude and boot you out for no reason and swear at you if they don't want extra people they should put a password on the level. The inability to report bad behaviour easily is fustrating I do like this game but player interaction is disgusting and booting is unreasonable
  12. Didn't get platinum
    Dylan Frost
    I tied to get tons platinum by download games when I did that did everything like the tutorials or install and run, but when I did I still got nothing. "There's something wrong" Plz fix it I wanna get platinum so I can get some new pets or vanity. Plz fix:)
  13. Lovebitttt
    Gbnas Holy
    My ingame name is jauziga, just want to point out how great this game is...but players are disappearing by time. It was best in the beginning ..btw it doesn't matter for me it gets better every expansion check out our guild "evilguild"
  14. Fun game but..
    Brandon Petero
    The recent update took my blessing streak away from 4 char on my account. Good time killer although id like to be able to recieve those blessings I missed out on
  15. Was a great game
    Daniel L
    STS used to have an amazing game here until they stopped developing it. It was the first cash cow game. Now like Arcane Battlegrounds I can't ever see myself playing any other game created by these clowns. Tip don't invest money in any of their games.
  16. Karen W
    Game loads through the first authentication screen gets stuck on the second. Now using HTC desire and game force closes when I try to sign up or receive a call so now not 4* anymore :(
  17. Good game
    Anthony Rodriguez
    Since todays update it wont let me in it just stays in authenticatin and stays there plz fix i have already put too much money on the game fix pls
  18. Facebook Login not Woking
    John Dave R. Abelado
    I havent played this game since our tablet got broken but when I had my new phone I installed it and everytime it tries to login to facebook it crashes... I tried reinstalling and reseting my phone but still nothing happened :( please fix
  19. Regarding Free Platinum Offers
    ding han lim
    Please, guys, the Free Platinum Offers are not from Spacetime Studios, they come from other advertising companies, such as NativeX and TrialPay. If you do not receive your Free Platinum, email NativeX/TrialPay Support instead of blaming it on STS. Thanks!
  20. A Great Game! But....
    Sadiarin Family
    A very great game but....Sts pls update the game and support it.For me this game is better than Arcane legends. Pls support this and revive this game ign is : Gameplayerpro


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