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arcane legends
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  1. Update or Sell it
    Ethan Miole
    Guys, if you have no plan on updating this game, its best if you sell it to other people who want to make this game better. We players love this game and love to see new things happen which you guys don't want to do.
  2. Fun but laggy
    Daniel Herbert
    Great game but you owe me told me to get game of war get to level 5 I did that and still no platinums could you please look into this as I don't actually like game of war full of bullies so yeah please respond and give me what you promised thanks if do your star rating will go to 5 ;)
  3. Pls help me spacetime
    Janiway De Guzman
    Pls help me spacetime I need your help a guy is gonna band me then he is saying I got his 20k but I don't have 20k I only have 1k I'm saying im saying the truth I hate it pls banned him but I haven't trade him pls help me if you have a good heart
  4. Good game but READ CARFULLY AND FIX
    Pentagram Star
    Plat errors need fix the free plat not giving me my plat why idont know i run intall games no plat its very fusterating im not geting any reponse so fix ill be happy if not im going to say screw plat take off more stars ok .., ok........
  5. Kristine Patterson
    I would rate it 5 stars, but the high ping lvl on my kindle fire makes it really frustrating to play this along with Pocket Legends. I'm constantly getting g kicked from the server on this and Pocket Legends. Fix it his and I'll give 5 stars ty :)
    Rafael Polanco
    When you kill an enemy that is unconcious on the ground they get back up then go back down makes no sense make this better like in arcane legends when you kill an enemy that is unconcious they stay down an die.FIX IT IT'S UNREALISTIC
  7. Really Getting Boring
    Winsley Walker
    You guys are making me bored at this point.. nothing else to do and all my friends quit because you guys won't do anything new..
  8. Need updates
    Santosh Gaikwad
    Guys I have been playing this game since 3 years even I have 3-4 frnds too since 3 years ..people play this game coz we love it ...plz concentrate on star legends coz this game is the only 1 who has spacetime . don't try to copy other coz others has their best ...example clash of clans (u Made arcane battle and battle commands ) I appreciate it even I did good work ....BUT BUT BUT THE ONLY GAME HAS MALE FEMALE CHARACTERS WITH FUTURESTIC WEAPONS AND ALL STUFF IS STAR LEGENDS .IF FEELS REALISTIC.PLZ UPGRADE
  9. Awsome but
    Draco Corder
    Its awsome, the only good game that can work on this stupid phone. The game performance is about flawless but i did the game of war thing to get 59 platinum but i didnt get the platinum. Pls help
  10. Update or sell it
    elite kid
    Plz update game it's really great game needs a lot of new content maybe new class and update combat aswell
    Christopher Gilbert
    IN NATIVEX U TOLD:DOWNLOAD game of war and get stronghold to level 5 I do it but can't me didn't get 56 platinum ,GIVE ME THE PLAT I GIVE 5 star
  12. Mark Lonsdale
    The game is good, but sometimes the camera can do my head in sometimes. But other than that everything else is on.
  13. Ahh
    Dead_ Line
    Same everything enemies same maps waow its ok... Make kn intresting more UPDATED!!! They won't read this... But yeah it OK but not addictive cuz same EVERYTHING
  14. Cool game
    Yadiel Gabriel
    I love it plz add new stuff like vehicles and interstellar stuff plz and lvls and new maps
  15. I want my platinum
    James Holland
    I upgraded stronghold to lvl 5 on game of war fire age, where is my 154 platinum, fix it or I will tell everyone in the whole world about it.
  16. Addicted!!
    Sheldon Pereira
    I'm lvl 51 .. For the past 2 years !! I need a new lvl cap ..with new maps n stuff .. Is der a new update coming out ?? Or is it the end of star legends ?! :/
  17. Javon Richards
    I love this game. But yall need some more items and. Some more map to go on
  18. Private Minix
    Please Help!!I forgot my acc i was lv 31.Reply to me imidiiaetly
  19. Hate it!!
    Nikita Smith
    I bought platinum, then i tried farming for napalm for 4 days with 4x enhancer and never got one legendary item even though it says 100% loot that is not fair. All my platinum is gone and I have nothing good while everyone else around my keeps getting stuff. I'm installing this game and I'm never ever going to play it AGAIN!!!!
  20. Need a new cap.
    Fernando Pineda
    There is nothing to do now in the game, it is getting really boring


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