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Shanna Orlik | Fondatrice et CEO de Changity & Journaliste chez i24news

Tel Aviv Area, Israel |

Karine Rouanne | Project Manager

Israel |

Naomi Lanzkron | Journalist at i24news

Herzliya Area, Israel |

Eleonore Weil | Journalist at I24news

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Reviews 3,020

  1. Sports is NOT news!
    lee oberg
    I want to block trivial notifications! Sports is NOT news. Enlarging font would also help. But overall other than those problems, pretty good app.
  2. Great app but unable to copy the news
    Evelyn Coster
    And paste it to Twitter or Whatsapp. If I can't share the news on social media it's not worth it.
  3. Disappointing
    Kenneth Pierce
    Takes away any obvious way to disable interrupting alerts, particularly because i24 uses alerts as a means to flag routine programming. I delete most alerts now without reading because there's so much chaff. All that said, I'm keeping the app to sustain ready access to i24 ness reporting.
  4. Mike Kuttner
    Old app works better. Not happy with the new version. You should allow me to choose. If old not returning or modification to improve this new app is not forthcoming I will then remove and say " Good bye"
  5. Very annoying alerts
    Martin F
    No way to disable the alerts, which are numerous (one for every new article ! it should not even be called alert at that point), and often for quite irrelevant matters (I don't need to look like a fool during my meeting to learn the discovery of don quichotte's author remains). I will unistall it because of that
  6. Cannot stop alerts
    Oded Arazi
    While alert were silent it was ok. But now they sound like any other message, and it CANNOT be turned off. Uninstalling
  7. Graphics 10, functionality 0
    Raphael Epand
    I wish I had the old app back.
  8. Much better but...
    D A Phone
    Sometimes the play live button (tile) stops working for the live stream. I have to kill the app and restart it and then it works. Nexus7 2013 Android version 5.02 p.s Chromecast support?
  9. The alert...
    Marcos Enrique II Ruiz Rivero
    The apps is ok, although i prefer the old one. I am taking from my app because i cant disable the sound beep. Let me know it whenever you have improved it...
  10. Text size !!! Too small !!!!
    Maciej Kozłowski
    Good news service - but how come you do not provide text enlargement !!!! Serious oversight !!!
  11. Informative but invasive
    Benjamin Elterman
    It's nice to get updates but there's no way to turn off push notifications or even change the message tone when there is an update. It got so annoying I just had to delete the app. It's a shame.
  12. Aaron Tolston
    The old app was better. Running nook HD
  13. Still no control over notifications.
    Larry Bear
    Also, opening alert says 'read article', but no linked article.
  14. Avraham Anidjar
    Do not make the mistake of updating, it just does not work! Tried to reinstalling, it crashes!!
  15. Used to be 5 stars
    John Artless
    Love this app, chromecast support would be appreciated. Great to get a balanced look at the news. John. New Zealand
  16. Good app, but it has a lot of bugs...
    Omar English
    Ever since the update to version 2.0, it has stop working properly on my phone (galaxy exhibit)... It doesn't load in some instances. When it do loads, it crashes a few minutes in...
  17. Nouvelle version ne fonctionne pas
    Pascal Chouchen
    Tout est dit dans le titre... dommage :-(
  18. Atlcatl
    David Ridelman
    Great format design. Clear and easy to read.
  19. Unusable
    Dan Epstein
    This morning I discovered that I am not able to read the text, because of the very small and thin font. Your new design will filter out many readers. If it is not fixed, I will uninstall the app.
  20. Live broadcast won't load on this device
    Ruth K
    It works fine on the Nexus, not in Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1. It did until recently. Uninsulated, reinstalled but still won't work


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