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  1. Battery bandit!
    Gary Bilton
    Great rewards, but the app is power hungry. Chomps its way through nearly as much power as the android o/s. This is even when there have been no notifications.
  2. Good app, graphics out of date
    Pete Cornish
    The general feel of the app is good, however, throughout it there are blurred/pixelated images and icons, such as the launcher icon, action bar icon etc. which detract from the feeling of quality.
  3. Crashes on search
    Thomas Furlong
    Last time I reviewed this app it would crash during the registration process. Now I can't search without it falling over. I can't believe that this so continues to suffer such basic snafus.
  4. Error when searching by location
    Ryan Wilkins
    The app is great, excellent deals and offers. However, when you search by location the app crashes meaning I don't know exactly what places, where, have the offers on.
  5. Works - But using a lot of battery power!
    Malcolm Landon
    Loving my free coffee each day. App itself works fine. But my phone started running out of battery sooner than expected. I checked in the Android Power settings, and this app is sometimes using 29% of my power, even if I don't open it all day. Tried turning off notifications. Then tried blocking background data. Still the same. Barcalys - can you fix it? A free coffee is great - but not at the cost of 1/3 of my battery every day! What's it doing? Is this only happening on lollipop devices?
  6. Does not work
    richard patterson
    Will not start on my Motorola phone. Tried downloading again, same problem.
  7. Crashes on search or map
    Denis Bambury
    Reliably crashes each timee I try to search or use the map in certain areas.
  8. Used to work but not now!
    Vikki Galloway
    Just won't work. Reinstalled it twice now and it keeps failing to work. Used to work fine so don't know whats gone wrong
  9. Crashes all the time
    Dee Thomas
    Was looking forward to my weekly Thorntons ice would never work in the store so no luck
  10. I expected more
    Jo Camenzuli
    Not that many useful rewards. It would seem only Asian restaurants have joined this service and the app constantly crashes. It's very frustrating!
  11. Barclays premier rewards
    Paul Stephen Nicholson
    Excelent App. and a great site. my family and i love it.well done Barclays.
  12. No longer works.
    Colin Crisford
    Was useful but no longer works. Come on Barclays, let your customers know when the problem will be fixed.
  13. Fabulous
    Graeme Fletcher
    Works really well. Amazing discounts on meals out with gourmet card and free entrance to English Heritage sites. I save more per month than I pay out for premier banking
    JJ Simpson
    Keeps force closing and won't load nearby offers
  15. The Free Egg
    Nicola Jackson
    When they are no longer valid, you do not remove the offer.
  16. Unreliable
    Michael Michaels
    Constantly crashes when searching and "near me" never works.
  17. Ms
    Kwolek Anna
    The same with me. The apps doesn't recognize my details.
  18. Crashes
    Colm Diamond
    Crashes frequently and every time search function is used
  19. My details doesn't match their record. ...
    ken law
    Sounds like I don't know my own name and date of birth. ...nvm
  20. Niket Patel
    Since the update to android I cannot connect. Excellent app prior to this


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Update includes a new home screen, where you will be able to see a collection of content from the app all in one place. We've also introduced in-app prize draws and made it easier for you to update your preferences. There has also been a number of bug fixes to improve the app performance.


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