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dvla driving theory and hazard test 2016
dvsa theory official 2016


Reviews 9,145

  1. Do not use to pass your test
    Curtis Gilder
    Excellent app with very good questions all too do with driving a car. However not one of the questions in the mock test even slightly ressembled a question in the actual test as the test had questions in it such as " if you dont want your car to get broke into where should you leave it at night" . Theory test a year and a half ago this app was perfect passed 1st time not any more!
  2. Was awesome, not now!
    rob kirwin
    Every time I get to the last question and press finish, the app closes and I can never see how many I got right. Not very happy as I paid for this app, admin please fix this for me!! App would have been 5* before this started.
  3. 10/10
    Dale Burt
    What a fantastic app I used this all week until my test and passed using only the basic app thank you
  4. Won't load
    Gary Flynn
    It won't let me get to the questions I press GB car test and that's as far as it'll let me go
  5. Adverts
    Jon Peers
    Impossible to use due to the CONSTANT barage of adverts, that you cannot close untill u have watched for at least 5 seconds...i had to continualy watch the same advert 5 times in 2 minutes....pathetic!
  6. Paul Mck
    Downloaded the app it's crashing every time I press in anything I have to go to home screen close the app and restart the app just to continue! I can't even answer one question why is this
  7. Quite helpful
    Matthew Burdett
    Some answers are similar and repeated. Too many ads
  8. Dodgy
    Reneque Samuels
    Couldn't even get to pick a category to practice as the app was glitching each time I opened it. Quite disappointed but glad I didn't pay if the full version would do the same thing
  9. Andrea jones
    Having major trouble loading this app, I can only go as far as where it says practice etc
  10. Fab
    Cassie B
    Just passed my theory with flying colours thanks to this app!! :) :)
  11. This is great
    Jane Reed
    A good app I am learning all this before I go for my theory test and so far I am surprised with my self I have failed but only by about 5 I will keep on trying but all in all a great app
  12. Joanne Thomas
    Very good it helps me out a lot
  13. Alex cater
    same questions come up over and over on different catagories. test ok though
  14. dianne christie
    Dianne Christie
    This mock tests is not working,,keeps rrpeating 3Questions all the time!!
  15. Great app looking forward too upgrading
    Peter Li
    Great sample app really helpful to start off with going to be up grading too the full one next
  16. Great help
    Tom Flanagan
    I don't write reviews, but this app is worth mentioning. I passed my theory test first time and It was mostly down to this app. I spent money on PC roms or books and the best tool was this app. Thankyou and good luck to anyone reading this in the same situation as me 2 months ago
  17. Needs to be reviewed
    Sara Garrett
    I have been using this app for the past few days and I ask for questions I haven't seen before and every time I do I get a couple of new ones and that's it. Out of 10 questions I'd say 3/4 are new and the rest are what I've answered previously. And some times the same question comes up twice! Please oh please sort this out!!!!
  18. Upgrade
    Dan Canning
    How much is the upgrade to the full version? Cant seem to find it. Will leave a proper review after your reply :)
  19. Marvellous
    Caswellondarksideofthemoon Caswell
    Super great app. Helps when you're sat on the toilet at work for half an hour. Or when you're in bed scratching your nuts, instead you can just flick through this little handy app.
  20. Tanvi Prasad
    Passed my theory test in the 1st attempt thanks to the app!!


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