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  1. Great app
    Jon Finlay
    Came back to this app after returning to the previous one I used which had all my data. This app really is great, simple but with great interface and widgets. Can't quite understand how it doesn't have a higher rating. Perhaps the Dev would consider making an event logger app based on this code, similar to whendidi, which is what I used before, but isn't as well made as this app.
  2. Best Medication Logger! Unique!
    Robin Markowitz
    Update very nice but I had to uninstall and reinstall app. (Unfortunately, lost my data and had to start over. Recreated my widgets.) Original review: I am loving this wonderful logger! I made a new home screen for all the widgets & related med needs. Those who don't like it don't know what it's for or how to use the widgets. It's a LOGGER - pure and easy to use. It's ideal & ingenious. 5-star app! (Lollipop can break app upgrades; it's happened w/other apps. If it crashes, uninstall and reinstall it!)
  3. Exactly What I Needed
    Jennifer Mesick
    I was looking for an app that would help me keep track of my daily medications, so I could remember what I took. This app does exactly that. It's really easy to add a dose and I have the option to set a reminder for the next dose if I want. I don't need reminders most of the time, so this is exactly what I needed.
  4. Excellent
    grace m
    The more I use this app, the more I like it. Thanks for answering my last review. My problem is finally solved - I was always forgetting if/when I took my as-needed medications. This is a great way of keeping track of that information. Fast & easy. Great app! Thank you.
  5. OMG I exported nothing I want a refund
    Tyler Ward
    I paid the $0.99 just so I could export the .CVS file but it would not let me and it kept saying it did not have permission and my last phone was a rooted LG Motion, my new LG Optimus F60 (& I just traded in that Motion for this F6 about 3 hours ago). Luckily I took screenshots on the other phone before I got this one and I save them to my Microsoft one drive. So therefore, I would please like my money back since I lost all my medication info cuz your software would not work
  6. Nice app day chart is wrong
    Jim Gramm
    Good pill history tracking. The problem is the days of the week history has the wrong day of the week.
  7. Stopped Saving pills I posted afterwards. FIXED
    Sue Y
    This is updating my terrible review. Apparently, I need to restart my tablet more often. I really love the app so I can add pills later That fixed problem. (I keep adding the same pills with a previous time and when I reopen it, those are missing. Used to work perfectly until today. Is my log too filled up after 3 weeks? I don't really want to delete all my old records! Since we don't sign in, if I install& reinstall, I will lose all my information if I try this. )
  8. Slick App with Great Support
    Cameron Boxall
    Great app that looks good and works well with great support too. I've been using this app for over 2 months for logging supplement usage and even creating associated symptoms as 'medicines' so I can track what is going on with my health. The widgets are handy for recording consumption at the tap of a button.
  9. Amazing
    Micaela Merlos
    It's the only app that I've found that lets me track the pills that I've taken instead of reminding me when to take them.... And the widget is great!! You set it up, so that you just press the widget, and an intake of your medicine is recorded
    Audrey Caldwell
    I've downloaded then unloaded more med trackers than I can count: most are terrible with too limited editing but not this one. I even resorted to just keeping a lined school paper as my "records", but I'll be starting to use this one from now on.
  11. Perfect
    James Foster
    After installing (and then uninstalling) about 15 other pill tracking apps i found exactly what i needed...thanks Pill Logger!!
  12. Nearly Perfect
    Ian Costelec
    Gorgeous and simple to use. However, would love the ability to increase the chart time axis beyond one week.
  13. Pill Logger
    Ruth Proctor
    The best app for keeping track of your medications.
  14. Great with room for improvement
    Kevin Beaulieu
    Please add the ability to indicate when a pill was taken. I sometimes forget to record until later. Also would like to see a limit on number of meds. Some warning when you take the set limit if a pill.
  15. Argh!!!
    Sara Sweetman-Hill
    This app was working fine but has today decided to wipe out all of my data. I was using this app to keep my midwife up to date with the medication im taking and when I have taken it as it obviously needs monitoring closely in pregnancy. Not anymore silly me for relaying on an app to keep this data for me.
  16. Show your doctor how often your taking a med
    Sheryl Yaz
    Great app! The only app I found that logs history of each med in easy & efficient way. Don't need a pill reminder (which this does have, btw). I take a pain med & my doctor keeps asking me to keep a log so we can gauge if I'm getting tolerant or taking to much. This app does that. I hope the support team here will offer a version w/ a monthly chart or graph to view, and pdf too (PLEASE!) For now, my doc scrolls thru my pill history holding my phone. A pdf monthly chart would be better I think.
  17. Can't edit or change the meds
    Deborah De Rijke
    I had a lovely streak of compliance going. My chart looked great. Had all the meds I have to take together and the same colour. I could tell at a glance if I'd taken everything for that day. Then I had to change a med and couldn't do it so I depleted it to start over. Turns out that completely wiped my history out and bugged up my lovely chart.
  18. Finally
    Mark E
    I have been looking for an app that would simply help me remember my last dose so I did not miss doses or take a dose too soon. This is exactly what this does. Not so fancy that it is cluttered and not so bare bones that it doesn't work. In the infamous words of Goldilocks; just right.
  19. Pill logger
    Rick Tetlak
    Would not run on my nexus 7, that was fixed. Thank You. Now I want to know how I enter 0.5 mg or the like. No decimals seem to be allowed. Am I having a blond moment?
  20. It's ok
    Phaedra Culley
    Would like to see at a glance how many mg of each kind of meds I have taken in a 24 hour period or 12 hour period.


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