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  1. Not getting login rewards
    Pia Thow
    I'm logging in but I don't receive the reward. It's been 3 days now. Please fix it. Great game but 2 stars until issue is fixed.
  2. Copied heroes charge
    Sgl Lefave
    Add an angle as The leader that stays in The back or a per or a main leader ability or something original. The one should add but of course wont to be different than heroes charge is to make a feature where if you dont use your.special right away it can double up and do 2.5x damage so you can save it for the last horde and invest.your.special instead of needing to use it right away
  3. Great game until new update
    Michael Mavredakis
    This update keeps saying that I need to check my network connection when I hit the play button
  4. Getting around the login issues
    Michael Smith
    Guys getting passed the login issue caused by the new update is incredibly easy. Launch the game and let it update itself if you haven't already > close the app entirely > relaunch the app > click the server select icon in the very bottom left corner > select your team > click play > Done. Boom you've successfully troubleshot a game and can now play freely without needing to ever do that again. I urge people to revert their one star ratings because they don't understand that issues like this can arise.
  5. Good game but
    Konner Batenhorst
    After the update it doesnt even let me login it says network error updating the game messed it up if it doesnt get fixed soon i will delete the game and im pretty sure u are a copy of hereos charge and when the game did work i told the in game customer suport that that the game crashed every 10 minutes and thev said there was nothing they could do about it.
  6. Was a 5 yesterday
    Zackarysanders1 Gameaccount
    Worked great yesterday updated this morning it will not load on any of my network connections says that it's unstable when it worked flawlessly for the past few weeks please fix if you can asap so I can resume contributing to my guild or they are going to kick me out thank you p.s. I would like to see a gem or hero gift for the inconvenience as well as a response to us here on the market to tell us that you even care about us the loyal customer base that supports your game we need this fixed and responded to ASAP or I think there will be a mass deletion of the game
  7. Update problem on a fun game
    Janice Hatfield
    Did what a review form a Heather B. on here said and that fixed my game.
  8. Great game won't load now
    Andrew Berstad
    After the new update it keeps telling me network error
  9. Awesome
    Joshua Eden
    Finally was able to get my account back after a few days. Got kicked out of my guild in the downtime and now they are full. Other than that I have zero complaints at this time. Very fun and addictive.
  10. Really?? Do an update that kicks everyone out?
    Steven Herron
    Ya this game was great until your update just kicked everyone out. Do you want people to not play your game anymore? The update did the opposite of what you wanted...
  11. Still wont work
    Louis Suaste
    Hello game Devoleper it still wont work it just keep saying the same thing also I was trying to make it to level 30 since it said you`ll get free diamonds and other stuff but I dont think ill make it since tommorow is the 3 day so please fix this as soon as possible
  12. Update broke the game, but...
    Jammie Castleman
    You can still get in. You have to uninstall then reinstall and sign back in. Then you have to select the server to get back to your old data because it will automatically start you a new team from scratch on a new server. And you'll get 300 diamonds in your mailbox for surviving the update.
  13. Great
    David Borges
    Game is back to the way it was, top game
  14. Seriously?
    Haley Brocksmith
    This game was my favorite until the update I just downloaded all day it's said I need to check my network connectivity an dots annoying the heck out of me! This was a 5 ☆ game until now. I'm extremely disappointed
  15. Fixed!!! Thanx
    Jonah Koestler
    Had a problem and they fixed it. It's an amazing game you gotta play it
  16. Michael Towns
    Why would you create an update to keep everyone out of the game? You lose customer base and satisfaction..... I'm pretty sure you have administration in game. Why don't you test your updates on those accounts first before ruining the game for everyone else? To be perfectly honest I would like a gems or a hero for this inconvenience because it's bull......
  17. Need help
    Brett Hall
    When I signed in to my profile through Google + this morning my account was gone! Please help me resolve. I've posted on the forum and tried customer service from in app support. So far nothing. Went from level 60 with 8,000 gems to level 1 with nothing. Very frustrated. Please help.
  18. Update-Network Error-Samsung S5
    R Rascally
    I downloaded the game yesterday and really liked it. Was working towards getting lvl 30 quickly to get that special package, but haven't been able to play at all since I updated states Network Error
  19. Don't update
    marcos cardenas
    Don't update the game because you will not be able to play the game. Can't login. Booooooooooo negative -10 stars. And i just had bought the vip ticket. Booooooo
  20. Fun but annoyed
    Heather Batson
    This game is great. Lots of trouble after update. If you can't log in try this from the forum. It worked for me. 1. Close the app completely. 2. Re open the app. 3. Once opened, click the server select button at the bottom left of the login screen. DO NOT CLICK PLAY. 4. Select your team from the server select screen. 5. Click the play button.


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New Hero: Venus
New 2nd Awakening: Kong, Gremor
New pet added: Blood Wing, Mutant Rabbit
1. New floor to Sky fortress added
2. Brutox soulstone now obtainable from ch.20
3. Red+2 gears craft added in workshop
4. Pet exchange system added

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