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  1. Bugs need fixed!!
    Brittany Gilbert
    When going against another person it sometimes freezes and doesn't let me roll anymore and end up loosing my chips usually 1000 at a time. When I join others no one is there and ends up freezing.
  2. Give it a 2.5
    Sherry Caldwell
    Get kicked out of live games and loose chips, game freezes. Only thing ok is solo play but that gets boring, nobody from support ever replies to the feed back either! This game is fun when it doesnt cheat!
  3. Meh
    Sarah M
    Farkle is my favourite dice game and I really like this app. The one thing I don't like about it is the fact that it freezes and you lose your selected amount of chips from whatever room you went in. Reading reviews, this has been going on since - from what I've seen so far - 2013. What a joke! Want better ratings for your app or more popularity? Fix this please!
  4. I can't play
    Emily Colbourne
    When I play on my own it doesn't give me the chips and then when I try to join the opponents no one shows up, deleting this.
  5. I like farkle, but this version sucks!
    Scott Kutil
    Scoring is innacurate, you get kicked out of live games all the time and lose chips. When in the middle of games it will just say you left the game and then you lose. It is slow most of the time. I'm going to delete this version and find a better one!
  6. Pissin Me Off
    Chuck Moncevais
    This game constantly kicks me.out of live games. I'm sure I'd have well over 500,000 points if this didn't happen all the time. Bug Fixes??? Whatever!!
  7. Trevor Anderson
    Clearly not random dice, game always catches the loser up. Last 10 games I've played I was only hundreds away when my opponent was thousands and they miraculously roll 3k+ right at the end every game to beat me. This game is a waste of time.
  8. AMAZING!!
    Beth B
    It is an amazing game for people that get bored one day I would highly recommend it . :-) :-) :-)
  9. Please read
    Brandon Mcadory
    Amazing game ever, but I like Flappy Ducks better!!! My gf wants to break up with me now, since spend time with the game.
  10. Freezes
    Corisha Kiser
    Love farkle but this version sucks it always freezes and I lose my chips
  11. Sucks
    Helen McKnight
    Game constantly messes up during duels resulting in lose of chips. Tonight it froze during 500 chip duel so naturally resulted in me losing and when I reopened my chip balance had gone from 2400 to 0. Support had not ever respond to the any of the messages I have sent regarding the issue.
  12. Awesomely horrible
    Rindi Nabi
    I love the game Farkle itself, very addicting, fun to play with friends. This game is very fun. However, when playing a duel, it frequently loses its connection to its sever causing me to lose my game and my chips. This is very frustrating and I've lost over 5,000 chips this way. Also, I've submitted feedback several times on this issue. They don't seem to care enough to reply.
  13. This Farkle game has issues of concern
    Dave B
    This game is better than most farkle apps,., but this program crashes in the simple mode option if you play it for several hours and the scores wipe out..Can this be due to not clearing the memory correctly? If you farkle, it takes a long time to get to the next play. I don't know if it crashes in the social networking mode because I don't care to use this option. Not everyone wants everything about them available for everyone on the planet. I would like to see more Farkle games without the social networking.
  14. Constant lag and freezing!
    Amanda S
    How is this even getting high ratings???? I haven't been able to complete a duel due to "left the game" messages which always happen right after lag. Fix your game/server please.
  15. Game takes my chips! Game constantly freezes! I've lost more than 5000 chips!
    LaShelle Jones
    DO NOT INSTALL! GAME WILL FREEZE UP AND TAKE YOUR CHIPS! IVE COMPLAINED NUMEROUS TIMES, AND NO ONE WILL RESPOND TO ME OR FIX THE PROBLEM!! If I go into a game of 500 chips or more, the game freezes and so I automatically lose my chips. It also happens if other player runs out of time, game will freeze up and I lose my chips. Please fix issues, and I'll be glad to give 5 stars!
  16. Sucks!
    William Henning
    Do not download, you will lose all of your chips because the game insists on kicking you out. I'm tired of losing chips over this crap. Crappy game, don't waste your time.
  17. Constantly crashes
    Monica Downard
    This game crashes constantly during a duel, or says I have left the game while i watch the clock tick away because it won't let me take my turn. Very frustrating!
  18. Buggier than a buggy thing!
    Kenny Mackins
    Far too buggy.....freezes - forcing you out of the game and lose chips....and far too much lag. I know it's free, but in order to be worth playing the issues need sorting out. Only giving one star as can't give less than 1
  19. Love the game but will screw you over in duel mode
    Nick Jungers
    I love playing Farkle and this is the best version. And the only thing I love more than Farkle is playing it against other people. Because of this I primarily play duel mode. However, it continuously screws me over. I continuously have to restart because I click a player and it sends me to an empty room I can't leave. But the worst is when I'm in a room and then I can't play. I either can't roll because the cup won't register while my timer rolls down our the game freezes all together and I have to leave.
  20. Good, but...
    Angel Carver
    This game is good but I was waiting for a game to load and it resigned me. I did lose 100 chips. Thefirst duel i played was phenomenal, second was a bit laggy, third was the worst, i lost the 100 chips!!!!! Now instead of thinking it was a four, its now a two. Thanks alot laggy mclag.


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