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  1. Plz updated
    I need more of tides games it good!
  2. Daveon
    It just like Martial arts and MMA
  3. Absolutely Amazing
    So far so good... I have been playing this game for awhile now and I love it! I don't see any reason not to get this game... I mean ITS FREE
  4. Bland
    It's just not like the other ones. BLUE GNC was not the original creator of AngerofStick. The game just feels different. I don't like having multiple people.
  5. Fun
    Super fun and addicting even auto info
  6. Progress deleted and in app purchases lost
    This game is one of the most addicting ones around and is totally awesome, yes. But as soon as the game crashes and you lose all your progress, it is very frustrating. It is especially angering when you spend money on a game and there is no way to restore them. I hope you fix this problem and keep up the hard work.
  7. GOOD!!!!!
    I like the game because it has cool weapons and it looks good
  8. Please Make this compatible to ios 5.1.1
    Please make this to a lower device of an iOS 5.1.1 below I'll make sure I'll rate it a 5 star
  9. Aos 4
    Great game, but rubies are too hard to get.
  10. Awesome game (needs more characters) and new moves
    We need more characters and new weapons and new moves and combos that's all
  11. Me gusta
    Me gusta este juego es muy bueno y divertido
    Just love it that's all. It's a really cool game and I just play it whenever and I don't get bored of playing it.
  13. Better than the 5th one
    This game is much better than the 5th, i lost my progress in the 5th and this game is much better
  14. Awesome
    Stay motivated, don't feel down keep it up the great games. This game is awesome and good to play during long Road trips.
  15. Anger of stick 4
    I think this game is awesome I love the moves and the graphics and I think it just so cool
  16. Shocking (in a good way)
    This game is one of the best Stick-Figure games out there, it is simple but addictive, It's levels are long, giving the most challenge and fun! It's animations are incredible, it's attacks are vast, it's characters and enemies are unique and it is simply fun! Good job BLUE inc!
  17. Great
    Best game to give out your anger if you got yelled or bully or a bad day
  18. The best game ever
    I really really really really love this game
  19. Ok
    This game is fun and extremely addictive but every time I try to drow an item it takes my money and does nothing!?!?! Until it's fixed I'm giving no additional 2⭐️⭐️.
  20. Awesome game but...
    This game is fun but the motion is a bit choppy if you fix I this would be a five star game


What`s new

-Fixed bugs.