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  1. Huge Fan
    I love this game. I enjoy setting up the card, the challenges, keeping me league afloat, the matches, the interactions, etc. The only downside is that I can only play a day or two and must stop cause all the fast movements and flickering lights give me headaches.
  2. Nice Game!
    It's a cool game to play and different than other wrestling games that I play. It would be nice if there was a Women's Championship in the game and maybe more championships as well. I also noticed that wrestling moves on the moves list were added twice like (Shoulder Snapmare). Other than that, great job and keep up the good work! I'll rate it 5/5, also more custom faces, hairstyles and more wrestling move sets.
  3. Like it but
    I really like this game. It's really great and addictive, but I wanted the teams to be improved like have triple threat tag team or fatal 4 way tag team so it can be more fun. That’s my response
  4. Good game but
    I really like this game. The bad thing is that I can only chose Federation online and that roster is boring. I really wanted All American Wrestling but I was stuck playing in Federation online. Please fix this. Also I do not understand why some characters or even your character dies from nothing. Like once I was walking in the ring because I was as the referee and then I counted the pin and when I got up I fell down and then it said that I was rushed to the hospital and died. Then I had to start my whole career over! And it took me two months to get my company the way I wanted it.
  5. I Love this game but
    Sometimes you can only play In Federation online which is boring and what if I wanted to choose strong style wrestling? I had no choice and now I'm stuck with Playing with generic Characters that only get 2 ratings each match. Please fix this
  6. Pls Read (Developer, not useful for anybody)
    I used to have the Pro version before I switched over to my new phone (the current one), now it says that I have to repurchase the pro version and spend more money. This is a problem for me and I don't know what else to say besides that I don't get why I have to repurchase something I already had
  7. Pretty good game
    I've played all your mobile games and this one is my favorite. I think you should make a game based on military combat I think that would fun.
  8. Plz do this
    Great update.. but I wish i can create a team from 3-4 members,,epic!!
  9. I wasted my time on this game...
    The game is good...I play it most of the times...but I don't know how I can't go to All American Wrestling. They only let me play in Federation Online. Which is boring and the worst part is, its not just All American Wrestling i can't play in, it's All of The Rosters. And i feel like rating it with please fix it
  10. Great and Fun
    Amazing game, bug we really should be able to make/delete or design titles.
  11. Simply amazing
    Wrestling games aren't uncommon these days. But becoming a manager and the campaign mode of this game is what made it stand out of the rest.. My way is to become a referee in each match and don't count the 3 till there is a 5500 rating
  12. Needs Little more work
    First off all absolutely love the game second of all I think you should add a casket match in a back Stage Match
  13. Glitched
    Every time I start the guy I'm talking to repeats every time he's done and I can't play
  14. Fix it please
    When I start the game and I'm talking to the guy at the office once we finish it just starts over I don't know if it's my devises but I have tried it on all different devises so if it's just a glitch you will get lots of complaints please helppp
  15. New update?
    Does this update mean I get my money back? I literally JUST paid for the full version
  16. crashing pls fix
    After update v1.84 crashing please fix this problem.
  17. One major annoyance
    The game is super fun and the gameplay shouldn't change. But there is one really annoying bug that causes my phone to crash when I'm playing this game please fix in an update and then I will give a five star.
    Love the game very addictive but please put online and new faces also I really want you to make a new game about life as a child and grow up till you die in the game.
  19. Just a few suggestions
    As is, this is a very good game. Ads are controlled, and quite a bit of gameplay can be gotten out of this before an ad appears. As is, I want to see just a few things added. 1. A Money in the Bank match would be perfect for this. 2. I think an Elimination Chamber would be another good match to have. 3. Probably the biggest one on the list, I'd like to see belt creation. Each Promotion, other than Wrestling School and Hollywood, have 3 belts: The World Champion, the Inter Champion, and the Tag Team Champion. As the booker of the promotion, I think that creating, say, a Women's Championship Belt would be a good idea. It could bring in more fans to the promotion. I'd say that putting in a pre-loaded set of belts would be good for belt creation, but also include the ability to add your own photos to the belts. 4. Add the ability to ask other promotions if they would like to have an Inter-promotional contest. I think my promotion could dominate another, which would bring in fans from other promotions due to mine being able to destroy the other one. Maybe there could even be Inter-promotional belts, such as a true World Champion Belt, or a World Tag Team Belt. 5. King of the Ring Tournaments. I think being able to host these for the promotion should last over a span of time. Like, for instance, you have the option to host a Tournament within your promotion. Then, on the card, there are places reserved for the tournament. Maybe 1 or 2 matches of the tournament per week, until a winner is decided. That's all I've got. Please consider some of these.
  20. Game
    The ref counts so slow when pin fall make the ref go faster


What`s new

- New backstage locations for meetings.
- Signs as handheld weapons.
- New tactical vest.
- New Frankenstein hairstyle.
- New clown nose headwear.
- Smoother joints on white trousers.