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  1. Right Now, We need an HD version!
    This game is great but I have 1 question. Can you make an HD version for this game. This game is really good and I really enjoy it. It is better than the complicated stuff for Blade. Oh yeah, can you also make this HD version compatible for iOS 6. Thank you!
  2. Need an update
    We need an update because the game doesn't connect to GameCenter And it's not full screen on iPhone 5 . Thank you
  3. Amazing game
    This is an awesome game! Like the best I've played I just hope y'all can make an update for more weapons and upgrades. I have everything upgraded and have done it several times.
  4. New Update
    I love this game and i still play it, but this game hasn't been updated in almost 2 years. Please make an update so it can fit my screen.
  5. Love it
    I love everything about this game may you just update and add more weapons and robots to make it fun?
  6. Great app but…
    This is a really good app but it really needs iPod/iPhone 5 support
  7. Best game ever!
    I think that this is the best game ever. It is much better than the actual cartoon wars because in this you are much more involved. I just wish they would update it with new weapons and maybe new enemies because I'm getting sick of using the same weapons all the time and never dieing. But over all I think it is a great game because I pretty much play it everyday ...
  8. Great game
    I love this game, I do hope that you guys optimise it for iphone/iPod 5th gen. The controls are still optimised for the earlier, smaller screened devices and it makes playing this game on my iPod touch 5th gen kind of difficult. Other then that, great game.
  9. MAN!? Lol
    I already had this game from like, TWO years ago & I even had a saved game on this thing when I bought it for my iPhone! You guys really need to add a restore purchase because I've already read a lot of complaints in how you deal with charging money in your games!
  10. ZYBV
    I love this game it's addicting but really fun !!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Gets old
    Once you get everything it gets old!!.
  12. Amazing game
    I have had this game for years and I still play it today. Best game ever!
  13. A couple questions
    This is the best app I have ever played! But all I want to know is how many levels are there? I have beat so many levels and there is still more.
  14. good and bad
    it,s fun but. the game creators need to not make people keep paying for guns over and over.but buy it it,s fun
  15. Great but...
    This game is awesome and all, but I'm on round 219 and its the same thing every round. This game seriously needs some major bosses.
  16. Insane
    Beat it 6 times workin on my 7th
  17. Fix the Mage bug
    I play the game on the iPhone 5 and I use the Mage weapon, the one with lightning. I can't move while attacking and my attacks are all single fire the attack button constantly gets jammed please fix for a five star! Otherwise this game is a great buy
  18. Five freakin stars!
    Best game ever! It's so cool and if u get this make sure to r8 5 too!
  19. I LOVE THIS GAME!!!!
    I play it all day everyday I just wish there were more weapons cause I finished the game in to days
  20. Money
    I had this game on my iPod and YOU GUYS DONT HAVE RESTORE PURCASES


What`s new

-Aprroved for iOS 6.
-Fixed bugs.
-Adjusted game-balance.
-Improved performance.