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  1. Good game......
    Great game but if u guys make a second one please make a level Creator. The mines and boosts are annoying. Plus I want to make a flat level for other people and I to wheelie as long as we can on. Because it's impossible to wheelie for more than one second
  2. Fun game but
    I understand ads help pay the dev's for the game but to start putting ads up without an option to close them is taking it to far. Plus while playing after 3-4 games you have another ad to deal with. You already offer in game purchases why do the ads too? I'll find another game from a different group if this ridiculous ad campaign doesn't get patched in a update.
  3. motocycle fun5 star
    this game is like motercycle slope endless frenzy course 5stars if like simple fun stay on course gameplay.
  4. Ok
    This game is ok can be better
  5. Best bike game
    Game is great and it just keeps on getting better each second love it and u should try it 2
  6. Update
    Needs another updates it's almost been a year I like playing the game but it's getting old and you really need new bikes and new challenges!!! Please respond!!
  7. Awesome game!
    It has good graphics and I love that it has multiplayer! But I also recommend extreme road trip 2!
  8. App crashes after update
    Since the latest update, the app no longer works. It cashes immediately after starting it up.
    I thought full-screen ads were already pretty bad, but one that doesn't let me close it and play the game without being sent to your site? Maybe I don't WANT to "play now"! You've turned "blah, that's annoying, I'll close it" into "what the heck is wrong with you people"! This is by a wide margin the rudest, most annoying ad I have ever seen in an app. Making your target audience hate your guts generally isn't a good idea. Whoever forced this to happen, you need to hear this, because you certainly didn't listen to anyone in your company that begged you not to do this: "This is an incredibly bad idea, and you are stupid for doing it".
  10. Awesomest game ever
    It's super fun to actually get to play multiplayer (you don't get to in extreme road trip) and you can change you guys look.
  11. Cool game, would buy again
    I have been playing this game for ages, but no new updates. It's fun like it is, but throw in some new bikes!
  12. Really great game but some bugs
    Some times when I do flips it's continues to flip and I can't control it and wreck and some times I wreck by only hitting the front tire or only just the back tire...can we please get more levels
  13. Epic
    It is awesome you should get it!
  14. Great
    Very fun! I play this way too much.
  15. Best game ever
    This is the best game I have ever played
  16. ...
    Really fun Game but forced to rate
  17. Really Kool
    I like the first one and now i like this onw
  18. Awesome gamey
    Cool game make more dude i really like it :)
  19. This game is so addicting
    But I can't for the life of me get 300m upside down on the 650CC
  20. I love it
    Best game I played and easy too I love the bikes


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