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  1. Awesome
    Good stuff. Keep it up! And i want more fishes! Like 1,000 species lol
  2. Amazing!
    This game is the perfect relaxation fishin game! I do have 3 requests. Could you find a way to lower the battery drain? A battery saver option perhaps? Also, there should be a place (like your house) to showcase your best catches. You still make money sending them to the museum, if you want, or you can showcase them at your house/fishin shack! And for fish you’ve already caught, maybe an auto museum option? Amazing game! -J
  3. Good game with a glitch
    Hours of fun but constantly takes away my attack points after I purchase them.
  4. Great game!!!
    I love this game! Great idea and just an amazing game! Nothing is missing, but there are a few things that would be nice to add. First, if you could move your boat that would be amazing, but I guess that kind of ruins the purpose of upgrading your line. Also, if you could chat with friends and give them bait. Lastly, if when you tapped on a fish in your mueseum, If it could show how many fish you had caught of that species, it would be awesome!
  5. SO COOL
    This game is so cool. There is so much fish it is just so cool. I think this game is so much FUN!I could not stop playing when I first got it
  6. Best fishing game ever!
    This is by far the best fishing app/game I’ve ever played! I got the coin double package right off the bat. It helps. Great game guys. Keep up with updates!
  7. Don’t get this game
    Don’t get me wrong it’s a great game to play if your not worried about completing it and you just want to fish. However, if your a complecionist like me and hate to move on with getting all the stars then this game is not for you I have fished the same hole for going on five weeks now waiting for one fish to show and not one time has it been there which is why they only get two stars cause that’s all they give for every level
  8. Where is SAMSON FISH?!!!
    Im addicted to this game! But i have been playing 2 weeks looking for Samson fish in ROCKY REEF!! I could not proceed to next map!! Please fix this!
    Guys I got like 16 of my friends to play this cause we’re all from the south and our dagum school doesn’t have a real fishing team so we had to revert to the dying wave of technology for entertainment of our own needs so what the heck are we supposed to do when we are in a tournament and also in the deer stand how on the absolute world are we supposed to communicate like so amoungst ourselves to let each other know what to do also please oh please add a donation request for bait so we can help each other out as one of my friends said “make bait not stupid 500 coins” please reply to my review I love this game and the idea of it but please add communication and donations for our fishing teams
  10. Upgrades too expensive
    Having to buy bait and having to spend rediulous amounts of money to get upgrades is kinda killing the fun out of this game
  11. Great game
    I Have been playing since the start yes there times when you have fish like hours get what you want but in the end it all fun the kids and I all have the game we enjoy out fishing each other great fishing fun. I hope you guy please keep this great game going and get more great fishing ponds coming out ...... Also if you can it would be nice if you can move your boat to either side of the MAP so I can fish either side that would be a great update to the game and more Lakes to fish. Thanks
  12. Best game ever
    I got this game a long time ago and i didnt play it till the update came and it was way more addicting than last time. I love this game and i feel like it should be on the top #1 collection of games. Thank you people who made this game so so much...!!!!!
  13. Best arcade fishing game
    Best fishing game, but I wish the predatory fish would have like a 5-10% chance of getting the bait when it touched them instead of just running away. Other than that, amazing game.
  14. Lots of fun
    It helps me learn how fish and really fun me and my brother say thank you for this awesome Game and thank you creators for the great game and app
  15. I love it
    On my kindle I used to play this when I found it again I was happy to say "I love it" again
  16. So good I love it so much
  17. Annoying
    I keep getting the same rewards over and over again. It would be nice if I could get something new for once.
  18. Fun
    Want a easy to play fun game? this is it so fun
  19. Best fishing
    So fun and addicting...this game should be as popular as all those stupid games like angry birds and bejeweled !!! So glad you can put the "training " in to get coins and upgrade your gear and buy bait. No need to use real money. Plus there are cool goals, tournaments, and achievements at every pond, lake, river! Thanks app creators love the real reel action, flicking action, and smart fish. The bigger rare fish don't just auto bite it takes time, luck, and maybe even technique I haven't figured out yet.
  20. Fun game however
    There should be unlimited bait or it should at least refill after a certain amt of tine


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