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  1. Needs Some Work
    This game is extremely fun and the prizes section has soooo many amazing things! The amount of tickets you need to redeem stuff isn't too bad compared to most apps. The only people who get really good stuff are those who are promoting their referral code everywhere and get a ton of 30 free spins for others using it. The offers section for free rolls is pretty bad. You put in a bunch of your information and will still get 0 rolls (no ad block on my phone). I can sometimes get the game app ones to work and the video ones always work but you only get 1 free roll and you have to wait awhile to watch another video. I really hope they do some work on the free rolls portion. I hate putting in my address/phone number and spending 20+ minutes to not get a single roll.
  2. Use my code when you sign up
    This app is great I have redeemed over 20 items Use my code when you sign up 219760
  3. Omg best app ever
    I seriously have gotten over 600 bucks in stuff. You just share your code in groups or watch videos and then use the tickets to redeem items. I get packages every day. It sounds too good to be true but trust me it's not.. you just have to put some time into it! It's perfect for mommies!
  4. 1️⃣4️⃣8️⃣6️⃣3️⃣1️⃣ for free rolls
    I love this app, I've redeemed 12 items already!! Use my friend code above and we both get free rolls! The help is greatly appreciated!
  5. 170765 for 30 rolls
    Love this app, I got two items already!!
  6. Confused
    This app has been working really great for me but now all of a sudden I can't search for any prizes? It only shows me the featured ones now. I used to be able to search for specific things like diapers and now nothing is popping up?
  7. Help
    I love the app and have had it for months but now that I have a new phone, everytime I search something it says try again. Really need this fixed!!
  8. facebook required
    facebook required to create an account. i dont do facebook and i dont want an account so app deleted.
  9. Legit
    This app is not a scam. I have redeemed and received 2 items already in a month. It does take time getting tickets without referrals or buying rolls but it's not impossible. You have to be pretty patient. DO NOT believe anyone who says their code will give you any amount of rolls cause they're lying.
  10. Pretty good so far. Use code 665808
    I started this two days ago, and I already got 1,000 points. I wished I used someone's code for the extra rolls, but oh well. I get dice rolls for watching videos, downloading apps and the daily spin. I wish they had more ways to get more rolls since videos limit you for a certain amount of time, and you have to complete a certain level to get the app rolls. I'll update once I cash out my points. Use my code to start off with extra rolls 665808.
  11. Never received items.
    Last 3 items I still have not received, ordered over a month ago. I have opened a case on the items and never got anything back. Tracking number is a bogus number that is not trackable. Save your time and do not download this app.
  12. You need fb to login
    It's funny how not one review mentions you need FB to login
  13. Use my Friend Code Code 413547 No Scam Really Legit I love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    Yes at first I was skeptical but I said what is there to lose just my time there are always ways to earn rolls don't agree with other reviews you have to make sure you complete the survey completely in order to get credited same goes for the games you get free rolls like any other game for free watching videos completing surveys you don't have to buy anything to earn even though they do have a option to buy rolls I haven't been playing more than a month now redeemed 4 prizes the key to this is referrals and being consistent in playing daily and being really patient think about it like this no other game rewarding you with real prizes ship to your door for playing I give this 10 stars even though there's only a option for 5 stars I am so happy with the app and my prizes no complaints only smiles I will be telling everyone I know about this app I love Verydice ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  14. ‼️USE CODE: 524508‼️
    Love this app. So fun. Use code 524508 for 50 FREE rolls!!! can't beat free, right?
  15. How to contact app developer?
    How do you contact the app developer? Love the idea of the app but when I get to spin the wheel, it's nearly impossible to get a fair amount of rolls. Even if it lands right in the middle, it will always give you whatever is lower and is very disappointing!
  16. Use my code 260595!
    Love this game ! I would recommend to everyone. It's fun to play & you actually win free stuff , it's not a scam I already redeemed 7 things !
  17. 4 4 3 8 4 4
    It's a decent app. I haven't actually been able to get anything yet but I'm almost there. Please use my game code because I only ever seem to get one roll during the daily spin.
  18. The real payment is patience
    I wasn't really skeptical when downloading this, but given that it never asked me for my credit card info or anything private, I kinda felt I should trust it. It took a long time to receive just over 4,000 tickets (which took 10 referrals) But when I ordered my item, the order was sent and shipped the same day, and it arrived in 2 days! I didn't think this app was legit but I got my package today and I'm definitely gonna use it again!
  19. Add my code y'all!! Pleaseeee!!!!
    665757 much appreciated. If you leave yours I'll add yalls as well.
  20. 413154
    Use code 413154 to receive 500 rolls and become a GOLD meme bee right from the beginning! Wish someone would have told me this! Your welcome and happy rolling


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