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  1. Problem levels
    It seems that some levels ex #68 is just impossible to get through. I like the game but it can become aggravating .
  2. Awesome at this time
    Newer to the game. Find it challenging but have not made it to the next level yet. Will re-evaluate at that time. Eats up a lot of i-pad memory.
  3. Awesome, but...
    This app is GREAT for any 'Wicked' fan! The only thing is that every time I start a level, it take 5 minutes for it to load and it bugs me. Other than that, it's pretty awesome.
  4. Great game too many bugs
    Love the game but it will not update on my iPhone no matter how many times I try. It says it is updated but I could only play the most recent levels on my PC.
  5. Love it- glitches
    This game is great- but there are tons of glitches on the iPhone.
  6. Creative
    Love this game. I can now play on both Kindle and iPhone. The biggest problem is getting friends to play. Yes the game is somewhat of a challenge at times but that's what makes it so enjoyable. If my friends would just give it I try I know they are the type to get hooked too
  7. #itsgreat
    It's really fun and great to play, it makes me think.
  8. Lots of issues but fun
    I really love the game, but there are so many issues with the app that make it hard to enjoy. Takes too long to load, absolutely kills the battery, etc. I'm actually trying to play the game right now, but I have to close out of the game before and after every move because the game stops reacting to touch after each move. Please fix these issues so we can play with ease.
  9. Love the game.. needs new episodes
    I have throughly enjoyed this game... but it seems the games creators have quit. I can't remember the last time there was an update to add new episodes.
  10. Fun game
    Some problems with opening, but good challenging game. I have never spent $ on it... Just patient.
  11. Pay-to-win, glitches when levels complete
    Don’t ever buy the 99 cent Continue Playing 10 move option: this game periodically glitches, causing you to have to replay levels. If it does this on a level you paid for extra moves, well, you paid to lose that level.
  12. Very Buggy
    Entertaining and fun when it's not plagued with bugs.
  13. Bug fixes needed!!!
    I do love this game however there are some major bugs that need to be fixed. One is it will not connect with Facebook. I have had no issues with any other apps except this one. Also it is very slow to load anything and at times the screen will just go black and won't load at all. It requires a total restart of the app to get it working. Please fix. I would love to be able to give this app more stars!! Side note... According to the App Store I do have the most current version and still can not access the wizard or connect with Facebook!
  14. From bad to slightly less bad?
    The game had been blacking out as soon as I started it for a long time. I updated it, and now it simply gets stuck on the level loading screen when trying to play. That takes a life every time, since I have to kill the game to try again; I haven't been able to get it to load yet. If it continues, I can just as well delete it and free up the space. Oh, and I've discovered that if I look at the book, and then exit out of it, the screen goes black, even though the game is still open.
  15. Don't like!
    I can't get any of the items to change place-so there's three in a row. I think I would really like this game if it wasn't for that. If I will delete the game more than likely. I love three in a row games but not this one.
  16. Love this game even with all the bugs...
    I'm also not getting into Fiyeros book but I still love this game! I sent an email to support and they got right back to me. They told me to get the newest version of IOS but my phone is too full to download it!! :(
  17. Ditto Great Game!!!!
    This one of the best match three games I've played. I'm getting addicted to it
    This is by far my favorite game I've ever played! I'm totally addicted to it! Try it, you'll like it!
  19. Keeps crashing
    I love this game and have been playing it since it came out. I love them at there are a ton more levels than when it started. However, the app keeps crashing now. Every time I complete a level and get my puzzle piece, the screen goes to load the map and it goes black and crashes. Every single time. I have to shut it down and restart it just to get back to the map.
  20. Love it!! But keeps crashing
    This is my favorite game ever, but it has a glitch. Once I start a round, the game freezes and moves in slow motion. I only give it 5 stars because I love the game so much!!! If they make an update and fix the glitch it will be a fully deserved 6 star game (even though 6 stars is not an option).


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