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  1. Comparison to minecraft and version 1.3
    I'm pretty sure minecraft is better than this because how many people play it and also I heard that 1.3 on mobile is coming, is it a rumor or if it was true when is version 1.3 coming on. I rated 3 stars because there are big lags and its not fixed and it makes the game ruined but when I get the chance to play I enjoy it.
  2. Those who write bad reviews are miserable human beings.
    This game is beautifully made, and it being on mobile devices was a blessing to me. The writers of negative reviews are blaming this game for their own mistakes. If it glitches constantly, your device is outdated. If it isn't, I can't help you. Talk to 505 games. If it is too difficult for you, perhaps you should brush up on your skills with a new world. If you have any other issues, they are your own fault.
  3. Add more stuff that's on pc
    You have to add more stuff that's from pc
  4. Crash
    It crashes on my iPad Mini Retina Display, it also pops a message up that says Expired SDK build or something, needs to fix
  5. Needs update
    I love this game but in the new update I can't find Plantara. I have defeated skelatron prime and I want to try Plantara but when I look in the jungle I can't find the plant to brake to summon him or her. I hope I do not have to fight all the mechanical bosses. I need to fight it for the jungle temple. Also I think there should be an online feature. I think a lot of people would like that. And there's a glitch in my game with skeletron prime.
  6. Terraria 1.3 on mobile
    5/5 game, would recommend. However, we need 1.3, I understand that their busy on Otherworld and on consoles, but we haven't had anything major or big update for atleast 2-3 years. While, PC (main platform) is working on 1.3.5. Well, I don't want to say "hurry up" but, give us the update already, please. Also, if devs every read this (unlikely) I hope you can add something that could make us zoom out better, you could, but its not enough, I'm currently having trouble fighting The Destroyer with Golden Shower and full Adamitite Armor but since the screen is too small I can't really see the main body or the Probes, I understand this is a phone or tablet, but I hope they can do something about it.
  7. Very Complex and fun game, love it
    I like this game a lot but plz make more updates
  8. My terraria saves it is expired
    I'm confused because every time I play the game it says it's expired plz upgrade so I checked the updates and nothing so I'm hopping 505games will see what happened and fit. PS can't wait for moon lord on mobile and consoul hopefully on iOS to ☺️
  9. Meh
    The thing that I don't like is not updating the game a lot while the people on pc haves fun and we don't that's the thing that I don't like and also crashing
  10. This game is the best
    This game is the best on mobile! Can't wait for 1.3 I would love to see a way to play online with friends and anyone else
  11. Creative Menu ?
    You should have a creative game mode like in minecraft. when we can build whatever we want with whatever blocks we want. i think it would be really really cool if this could be an option !
  12. Creator please read!!!
    I have played this game for years now and I love it but not many things have changed it would be nice to have a new dimension like an alternate dimension were every thing is opposite or players could make a space ship and go to other planets and go to the moon and you guys can add the moon god to mobile becouse many people are losing interest in the game so PLEASE this is the best game ever so let's keep it that way and update it would mean a lot and remember I'm not like all the other commenters I have got the good and some of the best ideas good luck!
  13. Love this game but...
    I am having trouble getting a bezoar I've killed over 500 moss hornets and still, I am not getting one, is this a bug or just bad luck.
  14. Great but can't play with others
    I'm in love with this game but I'm unable to play with my friends. That's been the only downside for me, it'd be great if they actually worked on that..
  15. Best game
    So one day at school my friends were talking about a game called terraria I asked them what is was they said it was like Minecraft but much better at first I did not believe them but I went home and got it and it blow my mind IT WAS SO MUCH BETTER THAN MINECRAFT and for my whole life terraria will always be my favorite game
  16. bugs an performance
    i love this game but i cannot take off my armor or accessories
  17. Bugs
    •Sometimes the screen won't stop vibrating •The black cape does not go on players noir mannequins/womanquins •Cabbage does not summon guine pig •Vile of Blood dos not summon bat •Seaweed does not summon turtle •Are gold fish bowls supposed to drop when mined? They're not and I feel awful for killing so many pet fish XD
  18. i'm mad !!!
    i lost my character nobody on my ipad and if re logic gives me my character back i will give this game a five star rating but if i don't get my character back then i will shutdown this game
  19. Great game
    A must have mobile game. 10/10 never had so much fun being killed.
  20. Amazing game, but
    This game needs to add the bosses and everything from pic to mobile Bc I've beat the main bosses and don't have anything else to do it gets boring PLZ ADD PC CONTENT TO MOBILE


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