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  1. Awesome
    Though this game kind of copied cookie clicker I still love it because I also love city games.
  2. Awesome
    I've been playing clicker games so long my fingers are killing me :( and :)......
  3. Amazingly awesome
    Hi I just want attention so I wrote a review
  4. Clicker
    Fun game but needs updates like more buildings its a really easy game
  5. Ok but buggy
    Every time I spin the wheel I lose half my population. Grrrr. Pretty fun game though. Hope dev keeps dev-ing.
  6. Проблема с GameCenter
    Натапал на сотовом, потом скачал на планшет, а там надо с нуля начинать?
  7. Верните числовую степень х10^9
    После обновления на айпаде вообще ничего стало не понятно с этими И, П, Э, Г, З, кИ ИИЗ в общем полная белиберда. Раньше было проще и понятней.
  8. Что-то пошло не так
    Обновился до 1.2 - приложение крэшится при запуске. Стартовый экран и вылет:( пофиксите, пожалуйста. Девайс - iPod Touch 4. А так убивалка времени очень добротная! __ Nice time-killer app! Recommend it. But! I Update app to 1.2 and now it already crashing when i press app's icon :(( iPod touch 4
  9. Nice
    Very well designed. Much better than make it rain in my opinion. Only thing is that the in-app purchases are kinda pricy
  10. Straight Forward, Two Steps Backward
    Recent updates to this game give your purchased buildings timers before they become reality. Needless. Why would anyone use actual money for your upgrades? They're not worthwhile. Why should I have to link with friends for certain things? My friends have more valuable things to do with their time than play this game. Another needless new feature. One star for cute graphics and sounds. Otherwise I'll play another mindless clicker.
  11. Won't load...
    I've seen this AWESOME game, but it won't load for me.
  12. Really nice game!
    Really addicting, fun game! I recommend trying it
  13. Great Time Consumer
    Fun to play to pass the time.
  14. Game
    It's super addicting and an amazing time killer and on top of that it's fun
  15. Pretty awesome
    Haven't played it much but I like it
  16. I like the game
    I have to admit it's fun at first , but then it gets boring. I do like how there are bare if no advertisement . But it's very hard to get stars and artifacts, because I'm not logged in with a credit card on this Apple ID I use . And I got my phone taken up and during that time I had a catastrophe and lost have o dmy people I had like 22 g
  17. billybobjoe
    You need wifi for it to load which doesn't make sense so I got wifi on my iPad mini and it still doesn't work so I think you need Like a wifi connection at a house or something anyway the game is Copland it is super addicting and like cookie clicker so if you like tosh game I recommend cookie clicker or cookie 2 Cookie 2 is like a finger sliding game but yah you should try using wifi at a house or coffee shop or a place that has good wifi
  18. Best clicker game!
    First of all it's addicting! This is a game where you can see that the developer put alot of effort in the game! Its awesome! 5 stars :)
  19. Awesome Game!
    This is a great games! I have played many clicker games but this one is by far my favorite! Thank you!


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