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  1. Needs an update
    The game is so fun and I finished. It really needs updated with more levels. Pleaaaasseeeee
  2. love it & waiting for 2
    I absolutely love this game and look forward to the second one to come out!!
  3. Great game!!
    Very fun to play! I wish there were more levels though
  4. Levels
    Please add more levels I am Waiting for more i have completed all the levels!!!!!!!!
  5. Love this game
    Great graphics, controls & sounds. What more can you ask for. Add more levels please.
  6. Finally a new good runner game
    This is an awesome runner game awesome moves awesome levels please make more levels fast!!!
  7. Great, but short.
    Add more levels, more difficulty, and customizable controls. Very smooth gameplay. Sexy graphics. Kinda easy.
  8. $0.99
    Well worth the money! Super fun and will keep you occupied for a few hours! Update with more levels soon, PLEASE!!!
  9. Yes!
    I've played through the first 20 levels and so far this game gets so many things right that I had to stop to write this review. Kudos! As a platformer and not a random endless runner, the hand crafted levels with clear end-goals are welcome indeed. Level design so far seems spot on with each one introducing you to new skills as they get progressively more challenging. Coins are placed in all the right spots to give the player the opportunity to make a risk/reward decision. Character flow through the levels feels smooth and players have multiple path options through some levels. The graphics are beautiful and the textures are clean. Special attention has been given to lighting and fog. Overall it makes for a fun and appealing visual style. Creaking ropes, critter sound effects, and the music seem a natural fit and add to the ambience. Thanks for an entertaining evening!
  10. Cute and great game!
    This game is unique in its own way. It's very basic but at the same time fun! The graphics help make the game look cool too! For a 1$ this game is worth it. Definitely add more levels in the future though!!


What`s new

- Added 64-bit support