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  1. Confused...
    I "targeted" another character, and can't figure out how to change or get back to my character. Can anyone help me?
  2. Great game but..
    I cannot figure out how to pick things up. Might just be me but still.. please help. Btw I love the animationnnnn its so prettyyyyyy
  3. Editing my review.
    Changing my review and rating it with 4 stars now. I finally figured out how to go about to finish the game. The game and story is pretty interesting and the updates helped a lot. The reasons why I am not giving it 5 stars is based off of my opinion of the normal and true ending. Besides that the game is pretty good and entertaining and I will play it a few more times for the alternate endings.
  4. Best mobile game ever
    I would have gladly paid for this game. It's beautiful, the art, the story, the concept. It's a perfect mix of creepy and cute. Some parts were confusing like hidden objects and rooms but you'd have to be stupid to not figure it out eventually. I've also only gotten 3 ending and want to get the other ones but am not sure how to! I would play this game countless times to figure it out though. One of the best mobile games I've ever played in my opinion a strong second to monument valley. Good job guys.
  5. Wow
    Great game. Graphics, plot, endings.. Just a great game overall.
  6. Entertaining but problems
    Good art and music. Plot didn't really make sense. Especially normal ending. ?? So much focus on the art and mechanics, but no effort was put into the dialogue or plot making sense. Slow to walk all over the map. Even if you know where something is supposed to be, it can be hard to find it because you may have to go into a secret area or walk to the other half of the room. Needed hints a couple times when it turned out I already knew where to go but I couldn't figure out how to get there or wasn't getting close enough to the item. Annoying how scattered parts of the map unlock with events.
  7. Best Free Game!
    This is by far my favorite game of all. The background is Majestic! Please do more!
  8. State of the art game!
    I never write reviews, but this is an amazing game! Atmosphere, sounds, graphics - truly a state of the art game.
  9. Amazing game 100% free
    Wow, this game was beautiful. I absolutely loved it. The story like was very good, with multiple possible endings. Above all, the art was gorgeous. Movement and item usage was a bit cumbersome, but I was willing to let that go by focusing on the story and environment. I really liked the "follow another character" feature, I thought it was very creative. I can't believe this game was free. I donated at the end because the developer deserves it for beautiful storytelling. Thanks for this!
  10. Great game!
    Beautiful and intriguing game. Not nearly as difficult as many reviewers are saying. (word to those people: just because you can't figure it out doesn't mean there's anything wrong with the game. Try a simpler game ) I did however come across a real glitch with the game: after completing the goal of meeting all of the characters the view glitched and all I could do was "follow" the moon butterfly. Tried switching character views, nothing worked. Overall great game though, hence the rating.
  11. Found 3 endings
    Interesting enough but the gameplay gets tedious. Running back and forth repeatedly for the same stages each time, and no skipping dialogue during the game makes me not really care enough to play through any further. Was entertaining enough for a few hours.
  12. This game was awsome!
    This is a worth for any player but it's just so slow when to talk wt villager on other hand, I think you should be skip talking when someone talk nonsense!
  13. Nope
    This isn't really a puzzle game but more of a click around and hope the story progresses. Though the game design was interesting at first, it later proved to be very cumbersome. You have to be constantly clicking to move and the only way to know you've hit a dead end is to click five times to make sure you can't proceed. There is no logic to some of the story progressions where you literally just have to roam around and stumble on the next step. There were also times where I had the right answer but the game wouldn't let me use the item. Naturally I thought this wasn't the answer and left but when I came back after having done nothing the item worked. What a waste of time! Not to mention having to start over completely if you don't finish the game in time
  14. Needs Improvements
    Look, I love this game. It's beautiful, it really is. But once I finished all the keys, I'm completely lost on where to go next. I can't figure out how to get into the castle. The game definitely needs some More guide on what to do and how to do it, etc. I also think it would help a lot more if paths were easier to find and what not as I've seen many people say they can't find certain areas
  15. Great Free Game!
    The format reminds me of "Monkey Island". A great puzzle for a night in. One is capable of finishing all objectives of the game (the in-app clues do not supply every answer). The only bit I am struggling with is locating 3 more characters to get the final achievement.
  16. kind of a bad ending
    the game is beautiful, and i love the story plot line, but.. the fact that time runs out and if you dont finish the game restarts? thats insane. i was at the forest handing the theif's friend when the time ran out. that was so frustrating because thats when i was about to finish. so please, do something about that.
  17. Great story
    The art is gorgeous and the story is interesting. Even when I was confused it was easy to get a hint on what to do next. Love pixel games like this!
  18. Could be great, but it's free so...
    Would be ok except you can't break through the well wall with the ax, which means you can't really finish the game properly. EDIT: Turns out that you just need to use the ax in a very difficult-to-predict location with no visual cues. My rating still stands. I completed all quests to 100 percent, but was left with no way to finish after that. Seriously, the in game hints (thank god for those) don't even help here. Time ran out and that was it. Bad ending.
  19. Almost all characters
    the reason i'm not giving it 5 stars is bc ive been searching everywhere for the last character ( the one after the witch on the character list) and i have no idea where they are. can someone help?


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