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  1. Not free to play
    Downloaded as a free to play game I got to lvl 18 and it will not go any further unless I buy the game for 6.99
    Finally found a match 3 game that is challenging but not hard. Has many levels...148--the game info says...I have not played all yet. Would like to see more added, even if money is required. Also, like another player stated, need the added up coins to buy something as improvement to other things besides the park. Coins accumulate and I have seen nothing for them to be spent on after the park has been restored.
  3. Awesome!!!!
    I just got this game and already, I'm loving it!!!
  4. Very enjoyable!
    Hoping it lets me keep playing. I like this app very much!
  5. Good Game
    It's so much fun to play it is a thinking game.
  6. Fun game
    This is a great game but I am a little wary as to why I had to leave a review in order to play more levels. I hope this isn't a precursor to what I will have to deal with in order to play more levels.
  7. Auboo 2
    Great game. The levels are getting harder to play.
  8. Magic Heros
    I love 3-match games and now this is one of my favorites. The only thing I don't like is how small the layout is on my 4s.
  9. Makes you rate it for more levels
    It's okay...if you don't want to have to think about anything.
  10. Ok
    The game is fun but so small to see
  11. Good game
    Good game. Keeps busy. Images too small.
  12. Love This Game!!!!
    I just downloaded this game and I love it so much I can't put it down!!!!
  13. Magic Hero's; Save Our Park
    Sandrahotmom10. I enjoy the game was exciting and fun.
  14. Great game
    Lots to do and plenteous options to get you entertained
  15. Addictive & fun!
    The option to choose what method of match 3 to play each round is unique & keeps the game from getting too repetitive & boring. I was looking for a match 3 game with a more "old school" flare where you didn't have to keep purchasing things to continue playing. This is a great game!!!!
  16. Magic Heros
    Fun game I luv match 3 games!
  17. Lots of fun
    Very well made, some issues with the whole puzzle fitting on screen and that's my 6+ overall enjoying the game.
  18. Great game
    It keeps saying I have to pay for more levels when I have already paid for the game
  19. So far ok
    But if I have to pay before advancing any farther I will delete it
  20. Gamer
    Great game will probably purchase once funds are available


What`s new

Thank you for the continued feedback and support! In this update:
- new power up to recharge all power ups instantly