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  1. Waste of money.
    This is not the game you're looking for unless you have a four year old with a long attention span. Oops, downloaded the wrong game, not worth 99 cents.
  2. Terrible Game
    This game is awful. When I purchase a game, I expect there not to be ads. The ads take up much more time than the game itself. The game is just basic whack-a-mole - nothing special or different. It's just cats instead of moles. Boring, simple game, and more ads than play. I'm going to delete it.
  3. Terrible game idea
    I work at an animal shelter. The creator of this game and those that play it should be ashamed. I know it is just a game but it puts dogs against cats and promotes that dogs are better and that cats should be destroyed. Extremely irresponsible in this day and age.
  4. Wowzer
    Kittens and cats are universally hated. This is a true fact and not something i just made up. If you would agree with me then you would love to release your rage on these ugly kittens. 10/10 would download again. I am not making this up btw.


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