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The long wait has finally come to an end! With this version 3.0 of Livescores times are about to change. Besides adapting to actual iOS changes, and some design updates for iPhone X phones, we reworked the overall design, based on state of the art UX science. The overall updates include for example:

- Complete redesign of match design, including a datepicker for a way more easy match picking
- Rework of our favourites function, including a favourites overview for all sports (see burger menu)
- Redesigning the Match-Pop-Up and adding new functions and stats for the specific matches
- Adding Darts as a new sport!
- Implementing a widget for all users using iOS 11 and later
- Rework of our Push Notification function

As you can see, things have visibly and invisibly changed for our app. As we want to provide the best app possible, we highly encourage you to make use of our in app feedback funtion.