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  1. Yessssssssssssssssssssss
    I enjoy hearing the monsters sing. Fun entertaining amusing game. Trust me anyone will get addicted to it. Had app for years now.
  2. Pretty good
    It’s fun except for the wait times
  3. MONSTER!!
    Well.... this game is really fun but can be stuped sumtimes
  4. Addicting
    This game is really enjoyable hearing all monsters come together and making awesome beats is the best. The only reason I gave this 4 stars is the value and the time it takes to unlock monsters. Otherwise awesome game!
  5. AWSOME!!
    This game is great but they don't give you enough diamonds.
  6. How good of a game My Sining Monsters is
    I love this game I mostly like this game because it is about music and the creativity it is about.
  7. What is this and why can't I stop!?!?
    The game seems useless and dumb but boi you is wrong. It is fun calming on the right volume and addictive. I might have a problem but maybe it's you for not having the game!
  8. Amazing Game!
    I’m this is a great game with many cool features like being able to make your own songs. The only downfall for me is that there’s a lot of monsters that cost diamonds which cost money. But otherwise I love it!
  9. Meh....
    It's just ok. You need to be Able to do more with the monsters and have more fun with them. It takes to long to unlock a new monster to. Overall just meh.
  10. Great game... BUT
    If you’re going to make me watch ads to speed up my items, make sure they ACTUALLY PLAY. So annoying to have to keep restarting the game.
  11. This Game is so Great
    Whoever made thought of my this game is a genius cause I can't turn my phone of because of this game
  12. Amazing
    This is an awesome game and keeps out of boredom! The islands look so cool too! Really fun keep it up!!!
  13. Sad
    So I just got the new phone update, and for some reason it won’t let me in, So I’m just stuck in the main menu. Good game though think you should get it!
  14. Amazing but it’s not the best
    It’s a lot of fun due to the fact I love music and you can make the music anyway you like but I don’t like that you have to buy almost everything! Could you make diamonds less rare. Diamonds are so valuable but it’s hard to get them. It’s still a good game!
  15. Awesome game
    This game would be especially ideal for upcoming band students!
  16. Great Game, addicting
    Very good game very addicting. New surprises, and many challenges and ways to make it fun.
  17. Wubbox
    Where is Rare Wubbox on ethereal island and Wubbox on shugabush island? What they aren’t there? Hopefully BBB makes them soon!
  18. Highly Recommend
    Been playing this game since second day of release. With the exception of the Tribal Island update, it has been a great game constantly adding new content to keep both new and old players engaged. Very relaxing way to past time. If not careful, you will find hours passing while you play without being aware. It allows you to create your own musical compositions (very cool feature that I never thought I would enjoy, as I am not musically inclined). Purchases are not required for advancement, but does help those who are impatient. This is the only game that has kept my interest over the years, and I don't even like this type of game play. Go figure.
  19. Bugbugbugbug
    It will frequently turned off and many times you watch the ad it will not give you any rewards
  20. It’s so entertaining...
    This game has really helped me calm myself down with all of my schoolwork. Plus, I really love making my own tunes! This is a great game! Highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something to do with some spare time.


What`s new

Whether it's the infectious Festival of Yay cheer or the fantastical whimsy of Faerie Island, this is one MAGICAL update! Kayna and its friends have been whisked away to the all-new FAERIE ISLAND, home to eight spritely FAERIE MONSTERS and the beloved Fire hybrid ZIGGURAB. The Faerie Element is the latest addition to the ever-so-enchanting Magical class!

After making new Faerie friends, head to Cold Island to see a familiar face: YOOL has returned for the Festival of Yay! Get Yool and a collection of wintery FESTIVAL OF YAY DECORATIONS + OBSTACLES for a limited time during this Seasonal Event.

• NEW Faerie Element
• NEW Faerie Island
• NEW Faerie Monsters
• NEW Fire Monster: Ziggurab
• Seasonal Monster: Yool
• Seasonal Decorations and Obstacle Decorations
• Festival of Yay makeover on Cold Island
• Holiday special offers + promotions