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  1. hard!
    Very addicting and time consuming but keeps you wanting to get to the next level
  2. Spider gaming
    This game is a maze to figure out!
  3. Perfect time waster
    It's easy to learn but hard enough to keep you interested
  4. More coins
    It's fun and addictive but I need coins but I didn't see anything saying I could buy coins and could you put it in there Thank You MattW
  5. Addictive, dangerous
    You can spend a whole day, and it can be too late when you realize that.. Man it's really addictive.
  6. Review
    You folks are doing a great job with this game
  7. Challenging and addicting!
    Cool new spiders and tools! Game is awesome puzzle!
  8. Greedy Spiders 2 Free
    Great app! Plenty of free levels. And its free.
  9. Addictive and good for kids
    This game is fun and super addictive and my 3yr old loves it too.
  10. Awesome!!
    Addictive and there are always new surprises on each level!!!!!!
  11. Ultimate satisfaction
    If there is something your heart desires, but cannot describe it in words, Greedy Spiders 2 is the answer. Life is precious, and protecting insects stuck on spider webs, while not endangering the spiders enlightens ones vision of life to a whole new level. Please love all creatures, and use Greedy Spiders as that catalyst that will bring inner peace.
  12. Hardddd
    It's really hard but fun I enjoy it when I'm bored
  13. Addicting
    Very fun app that I can't put down.
  14. Fun
    This game is very fun and addicting
  15. Cool graphics... Nice time waster!
    Worth the $$ spent on wasting time!
  16. Love it!
    Totally addicted! Got hooked at the Chilis Ziosks and had to download ... Would like an explanation for the other options besides cut but otherwise love it


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