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  1. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS GAME!!! But one thing...
    This game is amazing and I LOVE how you don't have to buy things to get things in the game! And it's super addictive and I love it! But... I have a suggestion... please, please, PLEASE add in more sicknesses and maybe different foods with the stomach ache depending on the animal like dogs would be dog treats steak or bones and cats could be fish cat treats etc. ... ANYWAYS I love the game! Oh, and I'd like if you gave us a hint on where to find the germs in the ear infection! Apart from that, this game is one of the best Pet Vet/Pet Care/Pet Game I've EVER COME ACROSS!!! So if you are reading this and you are wanting to buy this I say "DO IT" and if you are an Administrator/Game Developer I say "Please take BOTH of my suggestions" that's all for now!! goooOOOD BYYYYYEEE!!!!!!
  2. This game is fun but....
    Guys , don't get me wrong I love ❤️ this game So much ! In fact I love this whole community of games this company makes , especially Bubbu virtual pet cat he's so adorable I Will definitely rate that five stars ✨ but If you could just add like 5+ more sicknesses To cure I would love ❤️ that but don't make it Cost anything please . I know this is hard To make so here's some ideas a toothache, A cold , eye infection , or even a headache would be nice if you do this i will rate this five star ⭐️ s Thanks tootles !!!!!❤️️❤️️
  3. Awesome Game!
    I adore this game and taking care of the animals! 10/10! Would recommend it to anyone!


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