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  1. Why are there two different prices to unlock all?
    Two different in app purchases to unlock all, same content to unlock.
  2. Don't bother downloading..
    Unless you want to spend 15$ on the characters to even play the game..what a rip off.
  3. Great graphics and animations, no depth
    The graphics and animations are very true to the beloved kids TV show. Unfortunately the gameplay is very shallow and lacks any depth. To make matters worse, only a few mini games are available without doing in-app purchases. The cost for the purchases is an extremely poor value for what you get. I will not be making any purchases for my boys until the developer provides much more depth and value of content for the price they are asking...
  4. Fun but...
    It's fun but only two characters are available which makes the team incomplete. Sort of lame.
  5. Deceptive - actually a 6 dollar game
    First two levels free then you have to pay to continue. fail.
  6. Love the rescue Bots
    Lots of fun for Rescue Bots fans!
  7. I want to give 5 stars
    I like the animation and the easy game play for the young ones, but the prices are too high. One of the highest in game prices I have seen for a preschooler game. Add more content and lower pack prices, I'll change my rating to 5 star.
  8. Mr
    My 2 toddlers love the game because they get to be super hero robots. Excellent game idea. Narrator gives good life advice from time to time and adventures are short and simple for little guys to complete. Not too many adds like other free games. Game play progress not saved from log in to log in. Not enough available adventures before you have to buy additional robots. They cannot be earned like other better games. Good game over all. Stingy developers do want $. Decent graphics and glitch free!
  9. Ridiculous pricing
    Do not get this game. In five minutes my preschooler needed to unlock more boys to do anything. I go to check on it - the PRICING IS RIDICULOUS.
  10. Way too expensive!!
    As others have stated, you can't play the full game without paying for additional bots. One costs $5.99 or two for $10. Two for $5.99 and I might pay it. But $10-$12 is way too much to ask. It's a great game. The kids love it. And they beg for the additional characters to finish the game. I simply can't pay that much!
  11. Money grab, no rewards
    My four-year-old loves the Rescue Bots, and loves this game. But I'm sorry, I'm not spending $10 just to unlock Heatwave and Boulder! Gimme a break! And my son is so proud to get the Energon awards, but they don't unlock anything - let's get some basic gameplay functions established... either unlock new adventures or the other two bots. Very disappointed!
  12. In-App pricing ridiculous
    My six year old loves this game but I am disappointed by developers and business people that hook kiddos like this and then want to charge $5.99 for an extra bot to play more than two games on it. $1 or $2 I would pay, but this charge is well over the top.
  13. Hate the in-app purchases
    You are limited with what you can play until you buy more bots. Ugh! Hard to understand for a preschooler.
  14. Perfect
    This is great to develop hand-coordination and encourages kids to play because it's very fun and easy to play!
  15. Great game
    My 5 year old loves this game. I like that it teaches great safety tips for kids.
  16. I love the app
    It is an awesome app. The free portion of the App is great But the in app purchases are quite expensive.
  17. Fantastic game
    Thanks for you effort ,l like it very much
  18. Very disappointed after 2 missions $$$
    Finish 2 missions with my 4 year old then "Pay $10 to continue" since you have to have all the bots to play the rest of the missions. Thanks for ceasing a great game with a poopy catch. Would have done $5 or $10 outright but the sneakiness makes me want to vomit. Kids games shouldn't have in-app purchases. Thanks for the greed.
  19. Too Expensive
    Good graphics and clean game. Prices are too high:(


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