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  1. Great app
    Joined recently. I'm learning a lot and enjoying it. Doesn't match the desktop version completely, but still a great app.
  2. Great app
    Smooth, fast, informative, and best of all HELPFUL!!
  3. 850 rated player
    I get absolutely gutterstomped regularly but this app is great.
  4. The best chess app
    Without paying a penny, you can create an account, play against other players online, and select from a vast selection of interactive educational content designed by professionals to cater to beginner, intermediate and advanced level players. The app contains several other features, such as the option to watch live games, a built-in chat function, friends lists, a "stats" page that tracks your progress... all this for free.
  5. A pretty good mobile chess app
    It has many aspects of interest for a chess fan, including enhanced features for paying users. A smooth app with only very rare clitches. Good gameplay. Multiple games at the same time are possible. If you're into chess, this is the one.
  6. Awesome app
    Best app for Chess. Everything is planned very well.
  7. Amateur Chess Player is a great app for all levels, can get an even leveled opponent within seconds. Customizable themes and extra features like tactics are excellent.
  8. Amazing app
    This app is free and has seamless gameplay without ads that block the screen. It provides a free lesson and several tactical positions a day and has definitely improved my game.
  9. Best learning website ever!
    There is so many ways on this site to learn and practice chess it's just amazing.
  10. Great if you need to get rid of the rust
    It is a great investment if you love chess.
  11. 4 stars
    The gameplay, design, and format are all very good. Simple and user friendly as well. The daily tactics have a limits unless you pay for an upgrade. The lessons are limited to without a premium membership. When the game itself doesn't need an upgrade to reach more games, then I will put the 5th star on. Overall, game is very good
  12. I've used 7 chess apps - best app period
    I've used 7 chess apps and is far and away the best chess app period! Play correspondence with friends, live with friends, watch championship play live with expert commentary, watch GMs and IMs play 20 games simultaneously, study tactics, opening book, or just pop in daily to solve a puzzle. It's chess at its finest!
  13. Tried others and this is the one.
    Great app!. Never been stuck without a game when i want to play. Ratings are great, lessons are awesome, and the extras are unmatched. This is where you get better.
  14. Best chess app
    This is the best chess app in the store.
  15. Analysis, tactics, Daily Puzzles Excellent
    Solving Daily Puzzles and Tactics during work breaks is great refresher and productivity improver. Analysis improved my game - this engine beats other chess engines
  16. Get it, it's awesome compliment to the website
    Seriously, if you're even just thinking this app is for you, it's for you. Chess on the game combined with all the info from your use. It's perfect combo, well integrated and I recommend it to anyone anywhere who plays, would like to improve, or is just trying to pick up the amazing brain game that is chess.
  17. The Best
    This is the #1 chess app and website if you're into chess, want to learn it, play a host of players from around the world, or hone your skills!
  18. Best chess app
    This is a great chess app to learn and play people in you skill level to improve.
  19. Great fun
    Chess is fun!!! And the app is free!!!
  20. Amazing app
    This is the best chess app I have ever seen. They have great lessons and puzzles. The ranking system is great and it doesn't take more than 10 seconds to find an opponent


What`s new

Just a few little things... You can now change your Flair icon from Setting (Profile). We also fixed a bug with game chat that was causing problems on some devices. Thank you!