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  1. Fun
    Love this game is is so fun thangs bff
  2. Cute game
    It is a lot like every other match 3 game, this one just has a cute little piggy. Fun time killer.
  3. Pigs and Dragons
    Zack Liew
    Great game, a few problems with keeping who I am....
  4. Fun game. Gotta wait some, but that should be expected. They r trying to make money.
  5. Pig
    Like game don't enjoy wait time between levels
  6. fun
    This game is fun to play. Able to play & not spend a lot of money. Game takes a long time to load. Have to delete & reboot or can't play. NOW I CAN'T DELETE & REBOOT...JUST KEEPS SAYING TRY AGAIN! VERY FRUSTRATING.
  7. Great twists on match-3 game!
    Developers need some help with English grammar, but I love having time to develop strategies to beat each new level. It's not all about quick fingers!
  8. Pig and dragon
    Several times it keeps showing network error On my iPad. Have to delete game and wait a few days in order to get back on the game.
  9. Game not loading
    The game keeps telling me network connection timed out on my iPad. It works on a regular computer. Why does this keep happening?
  10. Connection timed out
    Game is fun when you can actually play it. It keeps saying connection error and will not load. I guess I will delete this one and move on.
  11. Pig and Dragon
    I love the game but why do we have to wait so long between levels?
  12. Love/Hate
    Love the game, hate how long you have to wait between worlds.
  13. Fun
    Cute little game. Good way to spend some time.
  14. Great game
    This is a great game to play to pass the time . There are a few glitches , like I don't think when I ask for help getting to the next level that my friends are getting those notifications. Also the check box on don't ask me again for your friends does not work anymore . Other than those two things I really enjoy the game a lot .
  15. Fun game
    I really like playing this fast paced game. It's very addicting!
  16. It's okay.
    This game is similar to Candy Crush and many other spin offs, but it has some elements of its own.
  17. Fun game
    Fun game, but none of my friends play do I cannot get lives and diamonds. Won't spend real money. Bummer really!
  18. Good
    Cool game. A great way to pass time.
  19. Great fun!
    Fun and not too hard to play.
  20. My opinion ....
    Now, granted I'm only on level 20; but..........."yawnnnnnn". And the jewelry shop - are u nuts!!!!!!!!????$$$$&&&&. Worst review I've ever bothered to submit Y'all WIN!!!


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