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  1. Awesome
    Im obsessed, rank 80 already. To avoid lag at higher levels, you cant use towers like spike factory, plane, dartling gun, and battleship. I tend to stick to sun gods, wizards, fire rings, and lightsaber throwers. Hope that helps those of you constantly complaining about it getting fixed.
    I played for about an hour and after getting to level 30 I realized that I had no Dartling gun. I went to the btd wiki and it said I should have it at the beginning of the game. I deleted it and re-downloaded twice an I still don't have it. PLEASE FIX IT OR AT LEAST HELP ME!!!!
  3. Good but could be so much better
    Im on round 120 and it is so glichy it's not even enjoyable and it takes like 15 minutes to pass a round so if it was not very glichy att all and there was a times 3 speed it would be perfect
  4. Hard!
    It's hard for me I play the 5th one cause when I'm on easy I have like 5 super monkeys with laser vision and I was on round 45 and the bloons past me like lightning!
  5. The best!!!
    This game is better than the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 5th. The 5th is way to complicating and I hate how you have to unlock upgrades and the monkeys it just takes way to much time and fun away from the game. :)
  6. Doesn't fit on iPhone 6 Plus screen
    I live this game. Always have. But there are black strips on the side of the screen about a centimeter in. That's all I ask to be fixed. I know it doesn't make THAT much of a difference but whatever
  7. Very Fun But Needs Updates
    It was my favorite app ever I would play like a hour every day until Bloons TD5 came out you need agents more maps and better graphics also make more towers and upgrades for them like bee keeper isn't worth popping all those bloons make it the sub like in BTD5 The sub is great also make better 4th tier upgrades! I really would like it better!
  8. Bloons td 4
    Fun but the graphics are not worth it, makes the game looks so much weirder
  9. Awesome game but 1 issue...
    I love this game so much but I got to round 87 and it crashed on me...I just ask for a update on that thank you
  10. It won't work
    I love this game but it's not working...
  11. Great But…
    It's awesome but you get to the maximum rank and I gets less fun and more maps have to have roads it's way to hard and the other modes other than normal are just apocalypse is way to hard and deflation is just a little hard and plain weird it's so uncommon in a TD game that it's a bad idea plus you need a campaign a story for it
  12. Awesome Game: Needs Sandbox mode
    How cool would it be if Bloons TD 4 had sandbox mode. It could let us have some fun by testing out our favorite towers and seeing how much damage they can really do alone! Please put sandbox for Bloons TD 4!
    td 5 added to many things to the game i think that the original bloons and towers are better than monkey labs and agents td 5 did this ad i hate it
  14. Awesome!!!
    Played this game all day and unlocked everything. But such a fun strategy game, better than BTD 5 worth the 3$!!! Must have!!!!
  15. Bad,Just bad
    First bloons td5 is 3$ and it is the same but way better and they are both the same price and it looks horrible!!!!
  16. Scared
    I bough the game by mistike and I will get in trouble by my dad can I get a refund plz plz plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. Worst app ever
    Won't let me play music don't get this app
  18. Inapp purchases
    I previously had this game, but when I had to download it for my new iPhone 5, it wouldn't let me download my previous in-app purchases
  19. No More
    This app crashes every game. It didn't do this until 5 came out. I will be deleting this app. Don't get this app unless you like restarting it every minute.
  20. LOVE IT
    I just love it my freinds told me about this i thought it was just for cool math games so i could play btd on the GO


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