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  1. Bricks of Camelot
    Great game !! Way back when I purchased my first iPod this game was among the the gaming apps I bought right away and now, three generations of Ipod upgrade's and an iPad, I still come back to this game. Fun and challenging, it never lose's its appeal ! Try it, you will not regret it !
  2. Love the classics
    I love it when this series are finally bringing to the App Store! can't wait for ATLANTIS, and EGYPT to be here
  3. Unplayable iphone 6
    The screen is too zoomed in on iPhone 6 unplayable.
  4. Great game
    Reminds me of a super deluxe version of brick out in the mid 80's on steroids. Great gameplay and graphics can not put it down.
  5. Bricks of Camelot
    Love this game...played it on my computer too!!!
  6. ElChe
    This still one of my favorite games. Love it. Thanks for the upgrade.
  7. Great game!
    Fun n full of challenge! Great graphics n great price! Enjoy playing while waiting for Dr. Or waiting at bus stop!
  8. Pretty awesome
    I enjoy it very much. Quite addictive!
  9. Awesome!
    Love this game, hope there are updates soon!
  10. What to catch?
    Nothing tells you what is good to catch and what is not. I am sick of losing because of this. If not for that it would be 5 stars.
  11. Fantastic!
    Great game!! Wish there were more like it.
  12. Great arcade game
    (Pros and cons at the bottom. Reviewed on an iPhone 5) Just finished the challenges (3 stars for all 60) and have played some arcade mode, for a combined total of almost nine hours in the game. I must say, it is really fun. The mechanics to hit the ball in the direction you want are spot on, so skill does play a factor and you will be able to pull off some awesome combos after playing for a while. Luck only plays a part when it comes to which power ups you get from the special power up blocks, but this makes each time you play levels with these blocks unique, so that's a good thing. The graphics are intentionally old school, really making it feel like a game you could find at an arcade and throw countless quarters into. There's some music but it seems to not really play during levels... I never really minded, though. The sound effects are standard, not spectacular. Has GameCenter integration, with achievements for doing the challenges, arcade mode, and more. Leaderboards for challenge mode and swing it mode. Not optimized for iPhone 5 :c Pros: +Fun, solid brick-breaking mechanics makes for excellent gameplay +Achievements and leaderboards +Pleasant, nostalgic graphics +Multiple modes, lots to do Cons: -Not optimized for iPhone 5 -No GameCenter leaderboards for arcade stages (although the challenge mode is more fun anyway) This is a great brick-breaking game, so if you feel like playing one, this is definitely worth your time.
  13. Awesome Tablet Game!
    This is almost as good as the original Bricks of Atlantis and Bricks of Egypt games for PC and Mac computers. It's more difficult to use touch than mouse for this game, but I suppose it is just a matter of getting used to the play. Loads of fun!
  14. Great game, hard to play on the phone
    This bricks game is excellent on a tablet--not so much on the phone because the small screen size.
  15. Fun!
    One of the best brickbreakers in the app store!
  16. Exceptional
    An enjoyable brick breaker. A high quality and well made game. One of the best of its type.
  17. Nastalgic
    My kids loved a game similar to this when they were small. Now that they r teens, this game is one of few that keep arguments down during long road trips :).
  18. Mr
    This is a great game! Very addictive. Buy it now - don't wait another minute!!!
  19. Fun game
    Great stuff. A little hard if u have fat fingers but still good
  20. Great
    Great game but I miss the older versions.


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