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  1. App crashes
    App crashes trying to start first level. I love this game for PS3, but what NEKO is doing here is unethical. Update the game, or take it down!
  2. Do not buy it - it crashes - not updated
    This game should be removed from the App Store until the developers provide an updated version. Apple customers are paying for a game that can't be played. It crashes on a new iPad Air 2, running iOS 8.1.2. The main menu loads, but as soon as you try to play the training levels, the game quits. This app was last updated over a year ago, January 2014. Despite receiving multiple complaints from many users, it remains available in the App Store.
  3. Crashes
    Keeps crashing when I hit the arrows to start the first level. Playing on an iPhone 6 plus... Please fix asap!
  4. Broken on iOS 8 / iPhone 6 +
    I really like this game but it's currently unplayable due to a hard crash whenever a level loads.
  5. I want a refund $&#%@
    Bought the game and it wouldn't play on mini iPad Retina. What a waste of my moneyI
  6. Can't play.
    Crashes when loading the first level on my 6+.
  7. crashes
    The game crashes every time I try to play the first level! Please fix it!
  8. Bug
    I have the same problem as another person. The liquid becomes invisible on level "Zero Gravity". Also, the Human Body levels should be later in the game, because the heart levels are really hard.
  9. Crashes at first level.
    Playing this on a Retina iPad Mini and it crashes trying to load the first level. Wait for an update before trying to play this.
  10. Crashes
    I can't play on my iPad Air,have a bug on the beginning of the first level
  11. Crashes on first level
    I can navigate the Menus, but when I load the first level it crashes. Running 5s 7.0.4.
  12. Unplayable iPad Air iOS 7
    Disappointed that I paid money for this as it crashes at opening level. Not play available at all as-is. Update necessary to be playable!
  13. Crap app
    I have an iPad air. It's not working crash at first lvl load. Want a refund if you can't fix it. Answer me or fix the game will be contacting apple store for refund
  14. Needs update
    Really needs an update for hd graphics
  15. Impossible to play
    Rocket level, liquid becomes invisible, it's impossible to play when you can't see where you are!
  16. Crashes at 1st level
    I have this app on both an iPhone 5S and iPad air and it crashes on each device while level 1 (coffee break) is loading. Very frustrating and a waste of an app.
  17. Graphical Problems FIXED - No Crash
    The previous version of Puddle was unplayable on my iPhone 5C because of major graphical issues, but these have been fixed with the latest update and everything is running smoothly. Other reviewers are experiencing crashes, but I can confirm that there are no problems on the iPhone 5C running iOS 7.
  18. Booo! Crashes
    Crashes right when you try to ply the first lvl. Really...
  19. ...
    This is a great game, but now it will flat out not start on my 5s. It greys the icon for a second and that's it. Also, it REALLY, desperately needs a graphical update.
  20. Crashes
    Crashes immediately on entering the first level. I have iPhone 5s + iOS 7.0.4 (latest hw and os). Demo on menu screen looks disappointing - high amount of aliasing for a game that rotates the world as the primary mechanic.


What`s new

Update recommended for iPhone 5 and more, iPad Air and iPad mini Retina.
Graphical issues fixed.
Various bug fixed.