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  1. Fantastic adventure games
    This collection of three games is a great example of good point-and-click adventure gaming. Looking forward to seeing more from Fire Maple!
  2. Wonderful games!
    Omg these are my favorite kind of puzzle games. They are beautiful to look at and really intriguing. It takes me a long time to get through them, but I enjoy the journey.
  3. Not a new game
    This game is nothing but a collection of three old point and click games by Fire Maple. If you bought these games before, don't but this one. You'll waste your money buying something you already have.
  4. Holy Christmas!
    This is the best deal I've found on the App Store in years. Three great games for $2! I'm pasted my review for one of their games here: "TL;DR Myst super lite. THEY SELL ALL THREE IN A COMBO PACK!! $1 extra. Three games, for $2! Buy that! I never heard of these guys! Very satisfying adventure escape puzzle type game. Beautifully drawn. Just the right amount of difficulty. Plenty of hints if you need them. Tracks your progress as well. Just really pleasant experience all around. When I was done, I was super excited to find out they have two more games (though I don't know if they're any good). They are even such good guys as to make it impossible to click to their other games or rate them from within the app (little annoying, but I commend the choice). Oh, and clicking throwing the screens was fast as well. I am on a 5s though. Buying my friends this game. Must tweet about it. Enjoy."


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