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  1. Well done!
    An Ultima-esque game with a reasonable mobile interface. The DungeonMoto approves!
  2. Awesome brings me back to the 80s!
    I love this game! I was a huge Ultima (IV) fan when I was a kid and was looking for an RPG like that. This one nails it. I've had hours of fun and even my 10 year old likes it.
  3. Bad
    – Hard to use controls – Hard to understand the option of this game -would not recommend this app to anybody
  4. Almost
    Seems like a good game but it cost too much gold for essential items and snakes attack and attack, poisoning me nonstop. Can't progress at all. Blah.
  5. Almost Perfect!
    Thanks for what was clearly a labor of love. Great sense of humor, a quirky mix of fantasy and anachronism, and cleverly simple touch play. The only thing missing is the thrill of the first play through now that I've finished it!
  6. When creativity, humor, depth mattered
    Little to say beyond what other 5 star reviewers have said, but this is a marvelous reminder of what brilliance in an RPG means - creativity, humor, depth - forgotten in the age of modern graphics. Thank you for bringing us back to Ultima, Flat Black Films!
  7. Tons of dungeon crawling fun
    Can be a little tough at the very beginning, but tons of fun right from the start. A must for anyone who enjoyed any of the early Ultima games. Impatiently waiting for more adventures in this world. (And huzzah for pay-to-own. Death to pay-to-play!)
  8. Fun ultima remake
    Took me about 10 hours to beat, well worth the amount to pay if you remember playing the old ultima games on your Commodore 64. Hail lord British!!!
  9. A masterpiece
    I enjoyed playing this game tremendously. It gets ridiculously deep for such a simple UI.
  10. Great game!
    This game is great. I used to play the Ultima games back in the 80's, and this captures the feel of those games perfectly but with a more modern interface. I couldn't put it down.
  11. Found a bug
    All and all an awesome game with enough challenge to be addictive, but there seems to be a bug where torches (a very necessary item) disappear from the shops. Could be because I'm on an iPad, but since everything else works that seems unlikely, but otherwise a purchase worthy retro trip down memory lane. Bravo.
  12. Amazing game and development team
    The game alone is amazing. Love it. If your into the older style games, this might be your cup of tea. On another note- I had a question about a problem I was having (it turned out to be an user error on my part) which I e-mailed them about. Not even 2min later they messaged me back and started to look I to it. There are not many people, not just developers, who are willing to take time out of their day to assist someone, and these people do just that. So, thank you very much for taking time out of your day just to see to a question I had :)
  13. Great homage to Ultima
    If you were a fan of the early Ultima games, this is definitely a game to try.
  14. So good
    So good, so addictive, so ultima. Get it!
  15. I'm only a few minutes in but...
    I am in LOVE. Thank you! The Dev clearly had a love affair with these games as I did. You had me at a guard telling me "I will beat you."
  16. Awesome Ultima-like game
    This game is true to its old school CRPG roots. Has a very Ultima II/III feel while being original and very fun to play. Game world is huge and lots to explore. Very addicting and hard to put down. Hoping for a future second release! Well done!!!!
  17. If you love ultima, play this
    If you were disappointed with the Ultima 4 port released for iOS, look no further. This game truly encapsulates that old-school rpg feel without having terrible controls. In fact, the controls are quite nice. The world is really big and there's lots to discover!
  18. Amazing!
    First off the developer is really responsive and appears to really care about his work. He's very active on forums and responds quickly. The games inspiration is the ultima series and it's done really well. You can play the game with one hand. The graphics are brighter than the ultima series but the main gameplay elements are intact. The game has hunger and everything. Thank you dev, nice job!
  19. That old school Ultima flavor.
    If you have been looking for something similar to Ultima, look no further. This game has that old school favor where graphics didn't matter much and your imagination was the hook. Really been enjoying this game. Thanks devs!
  20. True Old School RPG
    This game reminds me of these old games I used to play on the computer at the library in the 80's. You know, the game where your character was represented by the happy face? I forget the name of the game, but boy does this bring back memories! I love the minimalist style, and the simple yet thoughtful gameplay. A true gem to be able to play on phone. Easy to pick up but hard to master. No hand holding here! Good luck!


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