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  1. Fun tapper, critical game breaker
    Easy to progress, level up etc with very few ads necessary (if any at all) to watch. Hobo to rock star is fun and different than most. After 4 or 5 prestiges, I made sure my score would more than double from 70% bonus to at least 150% bonus on reset. The game didn’t recognize triple digit increases, and I lost a full 36 hours of play. And yes, I have the screenshots, dev. Unfortunately this is a gamebreaker and I won’t be playing any longer.
  2. Really good game!!!
    This is such a good game I love the sounds
  3. Fingers are sore
    I like the game wish music would change though
  4. Great game
    Game is fun. Even when your not playing it and the app closes you still bring in the dough.
  5. Because beat bop is great
    Have a lot of fun playing it is one of my favorite games you should make more of these games and I love it so I love music I can play music on the game amazing actually so keep on playing it guys
  6. Great game
    It's a tycoon game where you tap and make music and money.
  7. Great!
    Really great clicker game and I love the transition and goals you do! Keep it up!
  8. Reset my progress
    Was fun at first, but then an app update reset my progress. I lost 500 diamonds, and zero response to my support email.
  9. Awesome tap game
    It got addicting after the first ten levels!!!
  10. Really fun game
    I came keeps me concentrated all the time.
  11. D
    It's fun at the start but then it turns into a grind.
  12. Good
    I love this game it's a great waste of time.
  13. Nice game
    YOU READ THIS???? HOW DARE YOU Have a nice day!
  14. I love music
    I love tap games and I love music. This is a great game!
  15. Good game, but...
    I just got this today and was blown away. The best idle I ever played on here. I admit I had doubts but this was awesome. The music is way to ordinary not exciting but I like it. The VIP passes are hard to get. It takes a LONG time to upgrade music Instruments, looks new places you play at, speakers, and people in the band look like. Still it is a good game.
  16. Awesome
    This game is so fun. I had to delete it because it took up too much space but I'm getting it again
  17. Game is kind of stupid
    So I bought the auto tap for forever and it's not let me use it anymore
  18. I think it's they could add more
    It's a great game but it needs more musishens and that's about it
  19. I think this game is just like every other tap game, but something just ROCKS (ha) about it
    For some reason, I like this game more than almost every other tap game, even tho it is the same as every other tap game. I guess I just really like the music aspect of it, and how u make music every time u put ur finger on ur screen to make money.
  20. Stupid!
    I'm only doing this because of a mission that made me "accept the next promotion your manager gives you" and every single time I've restarted the game the same promotion happens even if you deny it! I mean I guess I'm getting diamonds out of it but it's just stupid to beg for rates like that! So this is what ya get a bad review and there's one more thing to add! It's waaaaay to hard to get coins


What`s new

IMPORTANT: This version will erase prior levels progress due to the huge changes. We've provided a compensation gift for all users affected. Thank you for your support!

- Goodbye Retirement, hello Encore! Reach Music Level 40 to perform an Encore for a fresh start!
- Unlock 16 powerful Mementos using Encore Points to charge up your band
- Music Level cap extended to 1000
- More Merch bonuses: enhance Tips, Rocking Mode and more!
- Revamped game progression for a smoother gameflow