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  1. Disheveled
    Terrible. You don't even get to do anything that requires skill, there is no actual gameplay.
  2. Horrible
    After the next 2 matches what ever option you choose to do makes you fail and the opponent scores a goal
  3. Used to be great
    The game used to be fun and addicting but now you can't even play it Idk if it's a bug but it takes (not even exaggerating) almost an hour to connect
  4. Bad bad bad game
    The game itself is really good but it doesn't load literally I left it there for 20 minutes and it didn't load.
  5. The best soccer game today for me
    I love soccer this is a game where you do the shot at the right time
  6. How to play this game
    Ok at first I struggled with the game play but after some time I figured out how to play. First when playing matches notice your attributes and the colors. When matches are played and you are asked to make a decision. Pick your colors that are your best attributes. Over time this will allow you to make the correct decisions as your attributes increase. Another thing is to not spend your coins to tie games if PKs are likely. I have not won a pk with any of the teams I have played for. I have a high attacking player and have found Argentina to be my favorite league so far. I have played in Sweden, USA, Greece. Greece was my second favorite but didn't have as many teams as Argentina. Buy property and upgrade equipment quickly. This helps your attributes. I found that making excess accessories can make you some good money. You can get accessories by using the career mode but I found out that gear from England is crap and requires lots of energy. I hope this helps. My friend code is 00fh5jag. Friend me. Enjoy.
  7. Pretty bad gameplay
    I guess it could be okay if you could find out what the heck you do without a tutorial, and to make it worse, it's just a stupid mechanic of if you don't do it right, the other team instantly scores. You have the ball in their box, you don't dribble it right? Looks like the magically teleports into your goal, then. Pretty awful game mechanic
  8. Really fun
    Good game takes some time to understand what to do. Follow me as a fan if you play 00z654u3
  9. Review
    Great game - it's easy and makes me react without having to get befuddled with all the keys on the tablet. Thank you for creating a simpler but more fun game to play.
  10. Fhahcjx
    I love this app. But a little confusing though
  11. Review/Fan Code
    Great game! Easy and simple:) My fan code is: 00afdt8g
  12. Game
    This game is good I like it
  13. Horrible
    When I just started I came against players with 60s as their stats compared to my 20s and it was ridiculous, they basically make you buy coins because they are so hard to get and the difficulties are really inconsistent
  14. Meh
    Needs more customization options, mostly the hairstyles, none of them were ones I actually wanted, at least an afro would be great. The game ultimately is too easy and it seems the player has one or two choices and then it's a goal.
  15. Awful. Absolutely terrible.
    First of all, if you make 1 mistake, they score. Second of all, I clicked all the choices, and I got it wrong EVERY time. I don't know if you can choose correctly. So every time I got it wrong (a lot), they scored. Third of all, it's boring Don't download it's dumb.
  16. Absolutely great
    Love this game, no need to spend any $ if you don't want to! Customer service quick and nice... Recommended this great game but remember it's not football manager ;-)
  17. Great game
    Fun game to play when you're bored
  18. Good game
    Very good game. Invite my fans code : 002mr5jb
  19. Buen juego
    Buenos gráficos falta un poco más de jugabilidad
  20. From the game (not bench)
    Great game. Real soccer. Enter code 00d6zzou for a prize.


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