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  1. I really like this game ❗️
    I really love ❤️ this game ❗️
  2. Hi I
    He bud bud ygc Buy oobb plbb
  3. Addicted
    This is a game you can play for a few minutes or a few hours. Great fun, and lots of bonus potential (even though a game like this deserves your financial support for extras, which are worth it)! Great job! No issues.
  4. MYapp I havehuge bugs!!
    I agree with you ZholloywoodZ almost same problems! )The bugs are freezing for good! 2)after I try watching ad for news my game freezes and becomes unresponsive(I even could draw white on the screen to make the whole screen white! What bug is that?! Till I turn it off and try again...freezes again when is it ever going to stop freezing?!?! The game back then in ~2-3 mouths ago no clashes,no lagging,no freezes,everything went perfectly now what did you guys add in update that's created a system bug? this error better be fixed soon or I will never rate this game good any longer! I will rerate when there will be changes! Good changes!
  5. Music is depressing
    The music in this game got me depressed i swear i felt sad the whole day and feeling down because of this music they reminds me of a commercial for hungry kids.please change this music on the next update.
  6. It’s a good game, it’s a fun games to play in the car
  7. Time passer
    It helps to pass the time away and always new goals.
    Great game!!! Only thing I would change is you could get items from clicking on the helicopters like you would the moose.
  9. Glitch
    Was trying to get 1000 gems. The game glitches and spent around 500 of them on the other worthless cases. Very frustrated. Basically a waste of multiple days of my life
  10. Like it
    It is pretty good, but glitches sometimes. But REALLY addicting to play
  11. Enjoyable
    I am enjoying this game ... but TBH I'm not sure I understand some of the theory behind the game play. Like when to move to a new town for example. But all in all, I am enjoying it!
  12. Good, but needs more late-game gameplay
    Having finished 16 cities (made one in-app purchase to support the game which helped me through an earlier level and got me earning faster), I'm sitting at a point where it runs in the background, but I only check it once per day. It desperately needs more content for people who have unlocked everything and made it to the end-game. AdVenture Capitalist created new and interesting ways to deal with the end-game problem. I hope Build Away! follows suit.
  13. Addictive addictive oh I'm addicted
    Literally warped my otter box screen protector from swiping so much freaking carnival lol
  14. I don't love it but I don't hate it
    It's just so hard to stop playing ‍♂️
  15. Good game
    Pretty fun, I guess. Don't know how to use the time warps collected through daily events, though.
  16. Poor game design
    Nice animations and overall presentation, nice eye candy but some serious game design flaws. So the goal for each stage is to collect population. Can you guess what's the most efficient way to do that? Taking down your buildings. I don't know who thinks this is a good idea but the best way to pass a stage is to take down your buildings and rebuild repeatedly. To pass any stage: 1. Acquire reasonably amount of money (1aa) takes you 2 minutes 2. Upgrade the cheapest house to lvl 3 3. Change it to something else then back to the cheapest 4. Repeat step 2 There is literally no need to care about the profit gameplay at all. No need for cards, no need for any other buildings. Even when pretend to care about the profit why would anyone build anything that is second best? I only use one single building and opening any legendary doesn't affect me at all. Could have been such a nice game but I bet the lead game designer dropped out of high school, that is if there is one. If you want to fix it, makes population generate from money, this way we would actually care about profit. Make your building non-repeatable, this way getting new buildings feels rewarding and exciting. To solve the mid-game-little-progression problem, make carnival games etc a big boost so that player can get pass it
  17. More fun than I expected
    I've played a few idle games for extended periods of time and this one ranks among the best.
  18. Pretty addicting and stress relieving
    I try to find games like this where I can be consistent with and add on into it. It's pretty addicting and I love it. I even added the Farm game along with it.
  19. No point to this game...
    The progress is extremely slow. The new building(s) to purchase is outrageously expensive. There is no incentive to continue playing because the only thing a player could actually do is repeatedly click/swipe to collect coins and that's it. There is no point to this game.
  20. Fun game
    Fun game. I like to play this a lot great work.


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