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  1. Beyond Words
    G5 you really did a beautiful job with this game. I loved it. Even after a few years this game remains as my favorite. The storyline was heartfelt and touching. I love this game.
  2. Awesome!!!
    This game will keep you entertained for hours. It has great graphics and allows you to pause and return to it at any time.
  3. Good stuff
    Son loved it and it was well done
  4. Very engaging!
    This game has a great storyline and keeps me coming back for more!
  5. Dark Arcana good by all measure!
    I was fortunate enough to get this during a free promotion. The puzzles are all managable and there is an alternative game for those who don't care to search for the hidden objects in those scenes! Well done!
  6. First Hidden Puzzle game I've played.
    I may be biased but I had so much fun playing this game that I'm looking forward to more hidden objects games. Challenging without being impossible and a interesting story kept me hooked.
  7. Fun Game!!
    Great if you like logic puzzles, mystery, and object find games. It is like 3 games in 1 with a story line.
  8. Fairly Good
    The game was pretty good. Not overly difficult and finished it in a day. Still, good puzzles with search and find atmosphere.
  9. Lovely
    One of the best from Artifex Mundi
  10. Fun, easy and relaxing game
    It is a good way to kill time. Not over complex and engaging puzzles/challenges. I would recommend to others but I don't know if I would pay to play.
  11. Great time killer
    Was a slow day at work today. This saved me from boredom. Love these games. Hope they keep cranking them out.
  12. Hijack ads
    degrade an otherwise excellent game. What was Artifex Mundi thinking?
  13. You can't go wrong with this game
    Great game easy to play & easy to follow. Now this is wonderful way to pass the time. You're able to stop at any point & resume it again at a later time & that's just one awesome feature. The graphics are outstanding. You can go wrong with this game
  14. Carnival
    This is one of the coolest games I've ever played. I'm not a gamer but I highly recommend it. Very addictive!!
  15. Great game!
    Will keep me coming back for more G5 games!
  16. Good game
    Very good game. I really liked it
  17. Fun game
    Although it's a short game, it was entertaining. Played it during my commute to and from work. Finished, all said, in about a day. This was spread out over three weeks. The music was enthralling and the graphics were cool.
  18. Cool game!
    Intriguing but simple puzzles with an occasional tough twist!
  19. Loved it!!
    I really enjoyed Carnival! If you liked this one, you should try Abyss...also by G5 ... Can't wait to try another!
  20. Ms
    Very enjoyable game. Nice story line and great graphics. Thx


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New improvements have been made to one of the most popular hidden object games! Come face-to-face with evil in this heart-pounding adventure!

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