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  1. Good game
    I ended up buying the full version. I think it was worth it. Good puzzles and different mini games.
  2. Awesome App
    Great app so far, no glitches, nice and different mini games. Anxious to keep playing to see what's next. Just might be worth paying for the full version.
  3. Where is a walkthrough, please?
    Hello, I LOVED the demo (traveling through mirrors never gets old; I love it!), but I haven't purchased yet because I don't know how long the game is. Please post a walkthrough, as I am just itching to play this game. Nice job on the opening too! Good acting and the integration of the logo made me feel like I was playing a movie with high production values instead of an iPhone game. I will likely buy this one at full price if there is a walkthrough posted or hopefully integrated. Thank you for the free game every week!
  4. The cursed ship
    Good game love the graphics. Hope u all continue to produce more game for me to enjoy. Love the game
  5. Great game
    I love this game and would play it agin and other games like this one
  6. Great game!
    I really enjoy these types of games where you have to complete specific tasks to move forward. Very well done!
  7. Hours of fun
    This game will keep you challenged throughout its entirety. Try not to use the cheats for more of a challenge.
  8. Wondemus game
    Very challenging.... Love mysteries and hidden objects
  9. Very nice and gross
    Loved the undulating cherry-red globs of flesh and the slightly drugged swaying of the octipi tentacles. The marionette scenes, both the cut scenes and the game scenes, were verging on exquisite. Always like more puzzles tho.
  10. Creaply good
    I like how it's not just looking for things in a picture but also exploring and using tools to accomplish missions. Very creepy and well done.
  11. Addictive
    I finished the game in like 3 hrs, I loved it !
  12. Great!
    I really enjoyed this game. The puzzles were doable but not too easy. Usually. Good graphics & story.
  13. ???
    Pretty cool but not cool enough to pay 5 bucks in order to continue once you finally get the hang of it!!
  14. Great game!
    Love the mystery and the mini games.
  15. Rain man
    Dynamite! Graphics are sharp & creative. One of my favorites.
  16. Outstanding!!
    I love it, this is a enjoyable fun game, great effects, sounds and it keeps you interested!!!!
  17. Fun game.
    Intriguing game to play when you have plenty of time to kill. Challenging mini games and hidden clues to find. I would recommend it.
  18. Best game
    Live this game.. Lots of twist and turns.. Lots of fun
  19. Amazing
    The graphics the puzzles the storyline the creativity, all are amazing!!!!!
  20. Creepy good
    Kinda creepy to play at night but super cook