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  1. Great game
    Like it the mini games are way way way too hard make u want to just give up and not play anymore I've spent so much money and I won't anymore! This game probably would be one of the best games I've ever played if it wasn't for that! Maybe you should listen to almost every review I've read and make it a little easier!!!
  2. Game is works as expected
    The game works well, no issues so far. The puzzles make the game fun.
  3. Good game
    I like this game think it could be more fun
  4. Great game but repetitive
    I hate how fast their hunger and food levels go down. I also don’t like that the only game there is to play is the match 3 game. It makes such a great game, boring. Overall though, the game is great as well as the story line!
  5. Cool game!
    This game is a good mix of adventure and mystery solving. Give it a try!
  6. It's just ok
    This game takes to long to find things. Also you use crystals way to quick because you get frustrated and just want to complete the task!
  7. Fun
    Good. The character reactions are odd, but good overall.
  8. Good game
    I enjoy the game but I don’t like that it is forcing me to send money to continue. Just sell the game outright, it would be more enjoyable.
  9. Still a newbie
    So far so good. I haven’t got that far into the game
  10. Service
    It's a Good Game it makes you think....
  11. Awesome
    Good game I like it. The graphics are pretty cool I like all the mini games as well
  12. Love it
    I love playing this game is amazing!!
  13. Could really be great...
    Like everyone else, the puzzles are fun but WAY to hard for the given time to solve, but, if you pay for the time extension it is doable. There is the problem. If you pay to solve the puzzle you can always do it. If your cheap, you can spend days if not weeks on one triple puzzle just to have another triple waiting after it. Very slow progression unless you really drop some cash.
  14. Rip off
    This game is a rip off. You can’t do anything without spending a ton a money. Levels are hard and you have to spend money on every task to move forward. It is a money trap. Keep your money and save it for a car.
  15. Match
    Good game but The match 3's are too hard.
  16. Love the game
    I really like this game I recommend this to anyone who enjoys figuring out things. Although why the heck does everything require the gem game now? That is annoying, everything you need to do requires that. Please change that.
  17. It’s fun
    I enjoy playing but it takes a long time to do anything.
  18. It’s entertaining
    Once you figure out you don’t need to use the crystals to complete gets a bit harder, but you don’t have to buy more, unless you want I love the match 3 portion of the game
  19. Frustrating.
    I did really enjoy this game at first. However, to complete a single task you have to complete a million other ones. Not to mention the match 3 mini-game is ridiculously challenging that I can't even complete two tasks because I can't complete three of the match 3 mini games in a row! It's ridiculous! I think I just might delete the game. I thought this game was really cool and I like it but the mini game ruins the game. It's far too challenging and frustrating to be fun. And I have to spend three gems just to find something because it's in all these hidden places and there are no hints. That wasn't even that big of a deal I figured I'd just tap for hours to find what it was but then when I found it and found everything else I needed to open a stupid door, guess what?! I had to play three rounds of match 3 without losing a round or I had to start all over! If I wanted to spend all that time playing match 3 I would just download bejeweled!
  20. Decent survival game
    A little slow, hard to find items, but still a good game.


What`s new

This update makes a few improvements to the previous one that features:

UPDATED GRAPHICS FOR MATCH-3 PUZZLES – The gems are even more visually appealing now! Complete challenging levels by matching sparkling gems and solving the island's mysteries. 
FIXES AND IMPROVEMENTS – The issue with moving to the next location is fixed. Your favorite adventure is only getting better. Check it out!

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