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  1. Needs update
    This was a really fun game with all the battles and stuff, but I just updated my phone to iOS11. I need to update to for it to work sadly I can’t find a update so that’s why for me it’s a 4. All together it’s a really good game.
  2. Do not buy! hasn’t been updated in 2 years and is not compatible with the latest ios.
    Do not buy! hasn’t been updated in 2 years and is not compatible with the latest ios.
  3. Good game until...OS11
    This game was fun and simple and worked fine before. However, playing on my iPhone 7+ made this experience extremely buggy. Between the game freezing up after a finished race and not awarding the gold, wood, xp, points and even gems, or not allowing you access anything while in the village, or not connecting to racers and having to constantly restart races, or it restarting the app during a gauntlet run and losing everything you’ve already won, it was still playable and fun for the most part. However, since updating my phone to OS 11, i have not been able to play at all and it doesn’t seem very promising that they will fix this or the other previous issues anytime soon, so I’m a little annoyed and disappointed to not be able to play this anymorw, as I was a fan of the simplicity and fun entertainment that it once provided. Would be five star without these problems. :(
  4. Great game but way too many bugs!!!
    I have ALL the same issues and concerns as the other users! When are you guys going to do anything about our comments?
  5. Serious Issues
    This was one of my favorite games, until I started the league play and progressed; the game becomes such a pain. I have trouble even trying to access the game and often get a 'can't connect to server' message. Then when I'm finally able to connect I see "bandits" have stolen SO much of my resources I've accumulated from racing that I need to race them in order to get it back. And actually winning against them is nearly impossible and unless I pay diamonds to race them again I've just lost my gold and wood, which means I need to race to make it all back in order to upgrade items and stores (and bandits steal your resources multiple times throughout the day, making it nearly impossible to upgrade the more expensive items unless you buy diamonds). Now trying to play a game is another hassle, either the game doesn't load racers or when I'm actually in a game it crashes and sends me back to the map where I need to try and open a race again. Other times I complete a race and don't get any rewards even if I won! Unless I wait a few minutes (which is an incredibly long time to wait in an app) do my rewards load ... otherwise I get absolutely nothing for winning. I really liked this game, there are so many buggy things that occur after you reach league play that it's not even worth it. Quick edit: now I can’t play the game anymore until the developers update for iOS11, I have a suspicion this won’t happen...
  6. I hate it
    Do not download it because it horrible. Trust me i know. All those people on that game is cheating every time non stop. Oh if you do download. it if you go against a blue fat kid in the game leave quickly you will lose
  7. More animals
    I really wish if they can bring new monsters
  8. Yo dude
    Why does the the loading screen take sooo long! I JUST DOWNLOADED THIS make some updates dude seriously and make updates to the old one too you guys havent updated since 2015!!! COMEON!
  9. Broken game
    Won't even let me start playing. Downloaded it twice and still won't work.
  10. Battle Racers
    This is a great game I only hope that's there will be future updates! And that there's bug Fixes about loading way to long and that it kick you out when you load it but other than that is a great game!
  11. addictive
    It's a great game, Addictive for sure. I love playing it only thing is I just hate that sometimes it kicks me out in the middle of a game. Or it will glitch and kill you while playing which waste energy points but Other then that I haven't had any problems with it. Great job!
  12. Cant play any races
    So, the game is broken. I have been playing for months! The last 3 weeks I have been unable to play a single race. It just says "unable to connect to server"... I have tried everything I thought might help... even deleted the game, nothing works. There is no point in me keeping he app I guess if I can't play the game at all.... so, if it isn't fixed, looks like you will lose a dedicated player...
    Fun game good for playing with friends
  14. What makes a game, Good
    This game is obviously way better than the other game, Battle Run. Some people may disagree but this is just my opinion. This game is intelligent,ecstatic,hilarious and fun all squished together to make one fabulous game.
  15. Ridiculous issues after a month of play
    Once you reach the 10,000 point mark, which takes around 4-5 weeks to do (with 10-15 minutes of play a few times a week), there are [email protected] game play design flaws. At that point, the multiplayer competition goes from automatically matching players of generally equivalent rank against each other, to now grouping players of wildly unequal rank against each other. The enjoyable competition disappears, where you're now up against players who are 10x your rank with 10x the amount of competition power than you. This major flaw creates the scenario of making it comparatively close to impossible to advance in the game beyond an autistic wheel chair bound snails pace. Losing a race takes away points from your rank as well, which compounds the whole advancement at a [email protected] snails pace notion even more because the likelihood of dropping in rank because of points lost begins to happen regularly.
  16. Very good with one flaw
    I hate waiting on energy stars or power to play a game. Everything else is beautiful
  17. Very good game please update to latest iOS
    I love this game I've play it every day and it never gets boring.
  18. Great game
    Great game love it fun yes yes yes
  19. Great concept
    I'm loving it so far. But it's starting to seem a bit grindy
  20. New characters
    It's an awesome game but they need to add new characters. Other than that it's a really good game


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