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  1. So many bugs
    I have a new phone so that isn't the problem. As of right now I can't even log into the game, black screen and I was just in the game an hour ago. Believe me when I tell you this game has more bugs and issues than I can list. Not only that...but everything is so expensive on this game which isn't a surprise considering Gameloft is the company. After playing Order and Chaos for over 4 years that shouldn't surprise me at all. Forget about the forums too, you won't find help there either. I'm so glad I haven't spent a dime yet in 5 months. This company doesn't deserve money from me.
  2. Super fun passtime.
    Combat system is a lot of fun but very simple being able to move directionally and out maneuver would be a nice touch.
  3. Ok
    It’s a bit to fast, enjoy the fighting of Bards Tale much better
  4. Best game ever
    This game is very fun also good graphics once youll play it alot you will love it
  5. DO NOT BUY! Utter Unscrupulous Game Out to Scam
    Scams all my rubies bought with real money. No post purchase support No response to support ticket Deletes my posts on IRON BLADE page on FB
  6. Kept freezing!!!!
    Loving the game but it kept freezing during battles and made me lose my trophies, Update: been freezing constantly now....
  7. Reconnecting...
    This game is very good when it works. Beautiful depictions of medieval France, fun storyline, appealing game play. But the game is rendered unplayable by glitches. Constantly “reconnecting...”. I’m bummed to delete an otherwise awesome game.
  8. Good graphics
    Good graphics, but too many ads and slow progress if you don’t invest money. The game itself is pretty simple but addictive, the downside is that no matter how much material you gather they don’t give you good gear and the ads appears without warning.
  9. Game is poorly made
    It constantly crashes and if its not crashing they make you watch ads constantly. The customer support is garbage and they don’t credit your account like others admin will for other games when they have a terrible game. Save your time and download something that’s playable.
  10. Empty chest!!☹️
    250 rubies = Empty chest!! Thank you!!☹️
  11. Newest Update Almost Killed Game
    This game is overall very enjoyable and fun to play. The graphics are amazing, the story is interesting (although campaign missions are way too easy), and the foundation is there to make for a very interactive social aspect to the fortress and alliance components of the game. Additionally, the developers added some great content to the game and fixed some issues players have been talking about for a long time. Yet, they also, very quietly I might add, introduced an enormous hike to the energy cost of all of the “events”, ultimately making them completely not worth playing. This is a huge problem because players need these events to gather materials to evolve and upgrade their weapons, armor, and defenders of their fortress. Spending 40 energy to get ONE booster or 4 meteorite ore is insane and it seems like this is just a money grab by the developers to force players to spend money on gems for energy refills. However, the work around currently is now trying to obtain these materials in the campaign missions (especially the new Brutal difficulty), as these missions cost 1/4 the cost and tend to yield the sought after materials at a good rate. This sneaky change by the developers comes along with the new “ascension” feature of the game, adding 100 levels of evolution per tier, but as I said before, this entire experience is ruined because of the secret hike in energy costs for events. Why else secretly hike the cost of events at the same time of this new “ascension” feature if not to force players to spend their rubies and/or real money in the game? This is not a coincidence. The developers are loosing a lot of players due to this unannounced change, in addition to the continued freezing bug and no news on social aspect of game, especially with alliance and friends updates. Ultimately, when you look at this game compared to the developers other similar games, specifically DH5, this game pales in comparison to the features in that game and makes me feel as if they have this game on the back burner in favor of some of their other titles. I hope the developers listen to their players, change the energy costs back to what they were for the events, add the “friend” feature to the game, and fix the freezing bug that has plagued this game for a while. If not, I believe it is only a matter of time before the game is dead.
  12. The game is trash
    So I played the whole thing, and then I realized that my wife was cheating on me. 1/5.
  13. Great just one little suggestion
    The game performs well on my phone and I love the brutal kills but I feel that the game could be better if they let you control your characters movements
  14. Brutal game mode
    My only problem with the game as of right now is after the most recent update. The brutal game mode has some inconsistencies and also not very good rewards. The first problem I have is that before I start playing on brutal it says the challenge difficulty for my current player should be easy, but then I’m dying in one hit. How is that easy? My second problem is even when I’ve gotten 3 skulls on brutal the chances of actually getting the good rewards are like 100 to 1. Also the rewards once I’m actually able to get them after replaying the mission 50 times aren’t really even that good. Why are there only the legendary troops as a reward? Why isn’t there also legendary gear? It’s already hard enough to get legendary gear as is which is needed in order to even attempt to play on brutal. Even though my characters power rating says I should be able to beat certain missions on brutal mode I die in one or two hits. On top of that it’s nearly impossible for me to get better gear. It’s very frustrating especially when extreme is so easy and the rewards do nothing for me anymore. Also certain modes on brutal I would be able to beat but the time limit is so short it makes it impossible. Like the second mission for Hugo’s chapter you’re literally given a minute to beat 4 stages of 4 enemies that take a long time to kill each enemy and one stage of 5...I’d have to kill each enemy in one second to get three skulls...did anybody actually test these levels to see if they were beatable?
  15. Amazing!!!
    This game is almost a combination of RuneScape and Shadow of Mordor. The storyline, the feel of it. You can definitely get sucked in. I did a gameplay video on it on YouTube xCashHerosx. Check it out!
  16. Great game BUT freezes constantly
    Love this game, bean playing for a few months now. The new update is great however they havent solved the constant in game freezing. Your playing a match and then all of a sudden the screen is frozen.but the round continues on in the back ground and you cant see what your doing because the screen is frozen.
  17. The game in general
    This is a very fun game and is mostly great Except for the fact that blocking only reduces some of the damage though when enemies block, they take no damage whatsoever. Quite odd. Continuing though, the story is very interesting and though I myself haven’t completely finished the whole storyline think it will be as interesting as the beginning parts, I like the concept of upgrading weapons but on a realistic viewpoint, I don’t think using blood and hearts to upgrade weapons are going to cut it. (No pun intended) Another small irritation is that you have to manually collect your requested resources instead of you instantly receiving them, but overall this is an excellent game and I will continue playing.
  18. Iron “Dull” Blade
    At first - the game was fun to play, very easy controls and great storyline. However, constant reconnection to the server and latency issues have made this game unplayable and frustrating. Until the developers resolve their server issues - I would advise not downloading this game.
  19. Enjoyable, Addictive...BUGGISH!
    Fun game, i enjoy playing it...when it doesnt freeze and cause me to lose my progress. I have a 1 month old iPhone 8+, current on operating system and playing on commercial grade wifi, it should not not glitch that bad. Ive lost hundreds of trophies in multiplayer, gold and progression level, as well as rubies. When i reopen the app, it doesnt give it back, it stays gone. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!! Other than that, awesome graphics, story is well written, easy enough to figure out. Other than bug issues, it’d be nice to be able to choose between which weapons im using and to be able to refill stamina for blocking. If these arent concerns to you...then its a great game.
  20. Keeps freezing
    Kinda hard to enjoy it when it freezes up mid game still.


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