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  1. Love it
    Great game never gets boring got my mom addicted to it now lol
  2. Great game.
    Keeps me focused. Love that it has a lot of levels.
  3. Great game ...
    Keeps me up at night ... haha. Sad.
    One of the best games on iOS. Love it so much! Relaxing soundtrack, awesome fun gameplay, perfection!
  5. Fun & addictive
    Hard to put down. My go to game
  6. Alright!!!! Here we go again!!!
    I thought that when I beat the original Bubble Bust, it was over. Nope!! Bubble Bust 2!!!! Great game and hours of fun!!!
  7. Love it
    It's fast paced and as much fun as the first gane
  8. Fast paced fun!
    I played versions 1 and 2 til I aced every level! So excited to try this one, so far, I'm loving it. Thanks
  9. Need more levels
    Finished all levels and achievements with 3 stars. Too long before new levels released
  10. Too much text
    The words that appear across the playing area as I burst bubbles are annoying and get in the way.
  11. Too many ads
    Fun way to pass the time. Very addicting. I wish there was a way to remove ads. I'd pay for that!!!
    I have the first one and this one! Great update been playing for years!
  13. Good graphics- fun
    Nice upgrades from 1st edition though I find I still like the first edition the best. Never ending fun.
  14. Fun game
    Enjoy the game as a time filler, however the app commercials can be a bit annoying
  15. Like it better than original
    Cute, fun game. Still learning as I play. Instructions - nah!!
  16. My second addiction
    Great game. I was addicted to the first bubble burst, now I'm addicted to bubble burst 2. Fun to play. Improved graphics.
  17. Good Stuff
    I had The first Bubble Burst & use to play it all the time. I finished all the levels. I waited & waited for a new one. Finally its here. I wish there was some place that would explain how you get the stars? When you get the stars. Why is it sometimes I get a bunch of points & other times I don't? Otherwise I love game!!!
  18. Bubble Burst Bubble Burst 2 Addict
    I LOVE games. They keep this 70 year old brain active. Bubble Burst 2 has me as addicted as Bubble Burst. I cannot put it down. At first it was easy... because of my familiarity with Bubble Burst.... now the levels are becoming more challenging. Yea!
  19. A+
    Finally a sequel to bubble bust! It's awesome
  20. Bubble Bust 2
    Great game. Addicting like Bubble Bust 1


What`s new

* Several minor improvements and bug fixes
* Level difficulty optimization
Please support us and re-rate the game after each update